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Ok Ive come to some terms that no one reads this but oh two or ten people, and the rest is just too busy with school and stuff. So me updating (WHICH WILL HAPPEN) is just to appease me and the ten other people. As well I am going to be making a new portfolio/professional DA account pretty soon.

Now just to dive into my personal world and to just get it off my chest since I'm jittery from too much caffeine. Ive been watching the first season of TruBlood with my boyfriend and just realize that the Vampires irk me, which is strange. I was terrified of them when I was a kid and naturally it shortly developed (to my patients dismay...) to a utter fascination. I consider myself a well informed vampire fan, and since i was a child of the 90s and read the works of Anna rice first, a purist at that. Which brings me to what irked me...

The one scene that brought this in perspective was one the last episodes where Bill is at his trial for killing another vampire and the "Lord Vampire" is blowing wind about how humans are cattle and vampires are superior species/society/being.

I don't know which contradiction in that scene made me laugh more, the fact that he just got done ripping some poor vamps teeth out jut two minutes ago, or that he was saying all this while sitting on a pile of rust in the middle of a junk yard.

It made me realize that smug old vampires make me laugh more then the Perfect lover ones, just by how predictable they are, and how many of them there really is. The only one I haven't seen too often is the wise Mentor... which makes me think I should watch the Vampires Apprentice, or finish reading Ann Rice old books.

Whoo that was a load.
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Wow... 2011. What's new to see Heather?
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I do school stuff AND read your journals! (I guess I'm just efficient like that =p) I don't know if you actually read Twilight or not, but this is a great "sparknotes" page on the books - it tells you everything you need to know, and it is ten times more well-written! :D

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I usually read your journals. Please let us know what your username is when you make another account.
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i love you :)
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The True Blood Books are much better :) And also there's no Vampire lord, and Bill never get to set to trial in the books eitehr, hehe :P
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I read too!!:)... i bet vampires are a bit fascinating, but Twilight brought too much popularity and sparkle for me to bother paying attention for long...:(
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I read~ I just am never sure what to comment on your journal entries D:
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Haha I agree. I never liked Anne Rice much, because I felt she put a little TOO much detail in her works (that was really the only thing), but now I appreciate her much more after reading only 4 chapters of the first Twilight book. I've only seen one episode of True Blood. It wasn't for me. Some episodes seem pretty good, but I just couldn't get into it.

But yes. Despite the risk of sounding redundant, let us see the new account when it's done! :D
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I may be a perfect stranger but I read your stuff too! =D And honestly all this romanticizing of vampires recently (Twilight, Tru Blood, etc) sort of irritates me too. I much prefer the darker natures that come out with Ann Rice than I do anything more current.
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Hey, I read all yer stuff! >:[

But you should definitely post a new linkkkk. I AM EXCITED.
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yay! I can't wait^^ I am a die hard fan Heather^^
FOERVRAENGDProfessional General Artist

Myself don't like this vampire hype right now, tho I haven't watched true blood I know ppl who does. For me, vampires have never been these "sexy beasts", they have always been kinda ugly looking.

oh and yes, please tell us when you create your new account!
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That drawing is awesome. Noferatu ftw <3
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Don’t forget to post a link to the new account :)
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