Dear god I need to update my gallary

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I hadn't  realized how OUT OF DATE my art is until I actually looked at my gallery as a whole... I am a little ashamed at how bad everything got. And before you guys say anything. The thing is that well Ive did get better, and all this stuff is REALLY old. I mean REALLY. This was back when i did cutsy crap like talk to the character in the picture... just creeps me out now five years later. The Teen Titan stuff is fine... for the most part. But other then that...

I Heather K. NEEDS to update the crap out of my gallery. even if its not finished and colored.
Because this... stuff... WILL not fly.

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xylvestrHobbyist Photographer
will wait for your posts!
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I know what you mean. I haven't drawn anything in like forever. Hope to get back to it soon. Would love to see some more of your stuff to.
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w00t. waiting for some awesome sauce.
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I'll be waiting to see stuff, as well!
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heather :D
i hope u post soon
btw, im starting to draw a pic of you! when i finish, i want your opinion :)
you're one of my idols. <3
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MycatjewelHobbyist Traditional Artist
Old or not, I do hope to see more work by you.
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NanankiStudent General Artist
Yes! Its about time! :D Looking forward to some art!
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I can't wait to see the new stuff^^
FOERVRAENGDProfessional General Artist
Yes. Please. Update. NAO.

oh well I need to update my gallery myself aswell lol
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DO ITTTT. i want to see c:
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Derrrr gotta update loads of art as possible too :P too busy with College these days.

Nice to see ya back.
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