Back from HK

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Well Ive been back for a few months, but theres always something getting in the way of me getting art up. Normaly its just me being a procrastinator, or me fearing people stealing my art ideas or concepts, or something like that... or just me getting bull in my way. Like this time. Not only did my computer break in  hk... and I had to get a new one (his name is Mr Chow, and he screams comp warnings in Cantonese.)

But! My internet provider told me FU last month. SOOO. I have no interwebs. I'll try to get on as much as possible.

Other then that Ill be trying to get my art juices flowing again since HK interwebs blew. But other then That I missed everyone!
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Did you do a commercial in HK? I think I saw you in a Chinese commercial...or at least someone who looks a lot like you.
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gahhhhhhh, wanted to see you when you were in hk. oh wells.
enjoying the water, i see? xD