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the lady

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I am so torn if this picture should be a mature content or not!! It is a naked woman (I mean, she has no clothing on) but she has you get the idea!!!

Yazuu: why the hell are you getting so damn flusterd over a drawing you did.

Me: cuse I dont want to get banned or anything... :sniff: -whine!-

Yazuu: this is not the type of picture you get banned for....

Me: well, I'm not takeing any chances! so there!

Yazuu: wimp...

Me: shut up!!!

Done in ink art pens and .5mm lead ( :worship: god bless the person who thaught up .5mm lead!)
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You mean she has no nipples and vagina? Yeah, I thought that one was strange...
BUT! She looks brilliant, I think the proportions are fantastic and her hair is beautiful.
You talk to yourself too? O.o I thought only I did that!
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wow the shading in the hair looks very cool and the body proportions are amazing, and alot better than mine ! :)
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Beautiful! Gonna fav!
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simply beautiful i love her hair... i wish i could draw
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bekahawHobbyist General Artist
Nice! Reminds me of the simplicity and boldness of art deco
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I really like this. She has great hair.
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I love the pose. It doens't look off at all. XD I admire you so much. TT___TT

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.....realy....:excited:... you admire me!

Thank you!!!! :hug::hug::hug::hug::hug: i feel all fussy!
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Hahah... You can do poses. Thats the best part. I can't do poses worth...anything. Really. Hahah...that's why it always amazes me when people like you pull out things like this. then i'm like :jawdrop: Come here :katana: and sit still while I cut off your talent and eat it. :sprint:

Kai :heart:
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Hahahahahaha! thats what all my friend are like

No! my tallent! *poof!* -disapears- :ninjaeat: :lmao:
Diddles's avatar see what you mean...I don't think its considered mature, its art for cripes sakes, but there are some people who probobly would...I'm not helping am i? ^^;

On to the point...

o.o wow....that is soooo good...:XD: and yes, bless the person who thought up of .5mm lead...

I love her shiney...

Gotta go now...

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I totaly see what your saying (grr cant type today :-x) and it is helpfull.

The reason i put it in mature content is because i come from a highschool that if you had anything slightly provocative, and i meen anything, stupid prep/ppl will crowd around your desk and make a big fuss that your drawing porn.... grr! So Im a tad touchy on the subject.

But thank you for the review it helped me out alot. I may some day repost her without a mature content thing, but untill then, im going to be lazy about it...^^;
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