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self-nin Miyamushi Kanako

Name: Miyamushi Kanako
Age: 15 (and 1/2 :3)
Eyes: green
Hair: dull purple (because theres no such thing as unatural hair color in anime!)

info/history: will elaborate/edit when I get her elder sister posted. Her mother was a Medic-nin that befriended nurce her elder sister, Suzune, back when she first came to kohana. Since the death of her father before her birth and losing her mother at age 5, the only parental figures she had was her sister and Daisetsu-sensei.

Fighting style: Though she didn’t inherit the keikki genkai traits like her sister, She did inherited her mothers high chaira levels which she uses in order to wield her large ass umbrella and perform umbrella no jutsu (got NOTHING to do with needles!). Her umbrella no jutsu include special genjutsu that she performs when her chakra is focused through her umbrella to make a pattern as she spins it and combine her Doton and Fuuton jutsus that she learned from her sensei and sister. She’s currently learning how to use the wakizashi that hides in her umbrella handle, but like Daisetsu-sensei, she rarely, if ever, uses it outside of training with it. She also acts as the medic-nin in group 17.

All narutards comments... (aka "you just riped off of (insert one of the many characters), thats totaly unoriginal!!!1") will be noted, but most likely ignored. Unless you are eather Sammi and or V.


Naruto is copyright to Masashi Kishimoto. i dont own it.
Daisetsu-sensei belongs to :iconturin-the-forsaken:
Miyamushi Kanako is copyrighted to me.

EDIT: Leave it too me to spell her farking name wrong... sigh! The hiragana was correct in one of the ways sam told me to spell it... originaly Its sapose to be Kanako and the other way of spelling it was Kaneko but I lost the paper with the name on it and it morphed from my poor memory... Thank you V for pointing it out for me.

Why is it everytime i do something naruto... I mess it up like the n00b that i am >3<.

By the way.... No you are not aloud to use her in you RP... Im sorry but im a ass like that
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that's pretty cool! but why an umbrella???
0Pandoras0tear0's avatar
Why not. Pluz I love ninjas with oversized common items as weapons!
mint-heart's avatar
haha X) it IS pretty cool, but it's not very practical.
0Pandoras0tear0's avatar
Who said anything about practicality! Half of the stuff in Nin-universe is explaned by magic!
mint-heart's avatar
XD it doesn't matter if it's heavy and hard to handle, as long as it looks cool! =D
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>.< Love it.
Drawn really well.. and her design is really cool! You even have a good back-story! Yay for Naruto!
BubblePop-Electric's avatar
Ah this is gorgeous

I love her eyes, great job
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I love her outfit!
psychogizmo's avatar
Wow, you're really good.
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cool! looks hinata-ish and everyone knows hinata rocks. although it looks hinata inspired its very original and kick-ass
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Nyaaa se llama como yo y esta muy linda ^^ :+favlove:
ScottLincoln's avatar
I really like the flow of the pose and the depth of the figure on this one. Very clean.
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I love this drawing.

I like the pose, how she holds the umbrella (or parasol..whatever) and I really like the drawing style.

What I also like is that although this looks like a Naruto character, it is completely your style.

PS. Yes I was rooting for you, Lisa and Sarah in ANTM. :lol:
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This is officially my favourite Naruto OC. Thankyou for making me feel as though my life is no complete :o. Yes, I am weird. I feel like this all because of an awesomely done Naruto OC. xD Excuse my lameness while I go sit in a corner and cry because your stuffs are so much better than my own :\.

--Still wishes she could draw and shade like that >.<--
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Umbrella love<3
Great path of action here in the body - love the design of her uniform!
Scsii's avatar
that must come in handy when it's raining. cool weapon very original , death by umbrella :)
Akatsuki-lover-14's avatar
She's very cute and the umbrella's awesome! *favs*
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Coooooool!! I also have created my own team, but not as awesome as yours! ^^
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I like the style of this character !!!
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I don't know if I should feel jealousy or pity for Daisetsu-sensei, on one side his whole team is made up of girls on the other side his whole team is made up of girls.
0Pandoras0tear0's avatar
the other ninjas give him alot of shit for being a pimp-nin XD
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