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for 0xo

cus was nice enough to make me a lovely Avatar for me <333 aaaand the image just wouldnt leave me alone XD

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I love it heather!!!!
Palova's avatar
omg, so cute!! (:
nonidmeow's avatar
cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! =>_<=
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Wow! That's adorable! *Jealous Much?*
6star's avatar
i love this picture I also like the dress too
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This is adoreable!!! XD
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omg please dont tell me u did this is paint?!.....ude have way more patience then me then lol...screwwww that.
the design is really great, and the use of colours. did u design the dress too? or did u use a reference?
0Pandoras0tear0's avatar
Oh GOD no! That would have been a nightmare!
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thats a cute dress. i like designing clothes. my style is vey gothic lolita/harajuku girl
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Cute art style. :3
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nice mix of media - do you use Illustrator?
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Oh my gosh too cute >3< I need her dress. Your art style is adorable.


-steals talent-
AH I adore the method you used to shade this :o the colours are so beautiful together!!

I love how you have minimal shading on the skin, but lots of colourful shading on the clothing <3
marshmellowdoom's avatar
I really like the details and the shading in this.^^ Very nicely done.The style is also very interesting and the pic is funny.The background is really fun and her outfit is just super awesome and so detailed.I really like the colours you used and OMFG I JUST noticed the crown.

Definite fav :D
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ooooo snaaap! i'm not good in paint. ): you are though, omfg.
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Wow you have skill in MS Paint ^3^
0xo's avatar


I loveitIloveitIloveitIloveit omgomgomgmo.

:omg: Omg... the colors and the drawing and omgomgomg it's so cool blah blah blah.... :blah:

Omg.... *superglompattack* I love this so much! Thank you!!!!
0xo's avatar
(And omg, you're the first person who's drawn my hair exactly right. x3333)
0Pandoras0tear0's avatar
XD yay! Im sooo happy you like it. i used a picture of you for reference...
0xo's avatar
Hehehehee.... I keep coming back to look at this picture... it's just so perfect!! x33333333
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