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Twi'lek Bounty Hunter

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This is for Hidatsu, He mad a jedi character who had a twi'lek bounty hunter love and he let me desighn her <3.

The colors were the way i wanted it on my laptop but now there all butcherd >3<. *Sigh* this is what i get for doing the coloring on a laptop then transfering it on a old crusty computer.

Now talking about the design.
I imagined her being pritty but not so much that she would stick out like a sore thumb (she is a bounty hunter after all) or she would have problems with slave traiders. So i tried a very generic look for twi'leks, the most common colors for there skin and eyes (green and red) with a docile looking face (twi'lek females are sapose to be submissive by nature).

Even though she looks all inoccent and meek, she as tough as nails (the scar and occupation is a dead give away) and uses the twi'lek cunning and charm like its going out of style.

I was also trying not to make thin like i normaly do, but to have a healthy shape to her. dont know if i pulled it off though.

She doesnt have a name as of yet, I was going to leave that to Hidatsu. Hope its to your likeing hun! sorry it took so long.

Stuff will most likey be edited later, I just want to get this thing posted.

StarWars and there pritty alien race belongs to George Lucus.
The Twilek Bounty hunter corse... belongs to Hidatsa jedi! And i dont think hes too keen on shareing her XD
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kasushkaProfessional Digital Artist
awesome, I want see more your works ^^
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Nice! I wish you could be a Twi'lek in KotoR.
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Actually you can, you just have to have the PC version and have a mod for it. its quite simple!
konezumi's avatar
Ah. I played it on the X-box. I'll have to try this.
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Very nice! It's rare to see a Twi'lek that looks both tough and pretty without being blatantly "sexy". I really like her outfit and how its colors go with her skin tone.
0Pandoras0tear0's avatar
Thats what I was going for. I wanted to make her look hawt in the sense Demi Moore was hawt in g.i. jane.
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Vaya-KahviHobbyist General Artist
The fact that she has her head tails up like a male is also a give away that she isn't the meekest creature either.
0Pandoras0tear0's avatar
oh wow I didnt even notice that... and im the freaking artist. DAMNIT! now i cant claim it as my artistic genius at work..
Vaya-Kahvi's avatar
Vaya-KahviHobbyist General Artist
I've been known to notice little details like that.
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kgwaProfessional Digital Artist
Your style is really interesting - I like how you coloured your lineart, it all matches up very well.

That being all said...I want her legggssss ToT
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wow, this is really cool!! Well done!
dudeguy84's avatar
Wow awesome job!

Love star wars realated work(and star wars)
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Seraphina-AmakiirHobbyist Writer
Nice! I absolutely love Star Wars, and it's nice to see someone's interpretation that's not a carbon copy of twi'leks in the movie, but is similar enough to be related to SW.
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NovarkorovuHobbyist Digital Artist
you know it seems twileks are one of the more well known alien races in star wars, next to wookies and ewoks XD
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Oh wow, this is really cute! I love the character design. It's nice to see a female bounty hunter design that doesn't include minimal clothing.

I've never seen a freckled Twi'lek, and I love it. Great work.
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LHenderson General Artist
i fucking love star wars. you did amazing on this. i am still jealous of your mad skillzzzzz.

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Wow this pic is amazing!
I love twi'lek's of all kinds!
The expression is great :)
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lupineragdollHobbyist General Artist
Ohh, that is gorgeous! :) I love the detail of this picture, and her expression is so serene and beautiful! ^-^
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SashaFitzgeraldProfessional Traditional Artist
Ooh I love how you painted her skin ^_^ her freckles are so cute!
Inuyashay's avatar
Looks amazing! I didn't understand a word of the description though...:(
0Pandoras0tear0's avatar
In a nutshell, I made her a avarage beauty (the type of beauty where you look, think shes pritty, then forget her face) so it wont hurt her in her occupation (bounty hunter).
Inuyashay's avatar
Ahh, okay, that makes sense! Thanks for the explanation!
0Pandoras0tear0's avatar
Yeah, I have a tendency of being disorderly with my discripition when i geek out.
Inuyashay's avatar
XD or maybe I'm not cool enough to know what you're talking about...the coolness factor has been known to alter reading abilities...XD
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