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Turin the sith

Words cannot discribe how much I love this picture. Everything just came out the way I wanted it to!

If only I could find some way to show you guys the detail since the resizeing and compression kinda killed it.

For because he is awsome and did two pictures of Elw-Ma. Which Im glad he did since I havent been able to draw her lately and I was trying to decide if I should put both pictues up.

I used cartoon lightning tutorial [link] , go check her stuff out. Shes a billion times better at it then me.

I may turn this into a wallpaper if people want it to be one. So tell me if I should.

God I love this picture
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So does he have Sith eyes?
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Hello! :D Do you mind if I use this for a Sith Empire vs Republic Fanon Wiki Project? I'll credit you in the Image description and trivia section for the character.
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If I may, I'd like to use this as reference material for my costume as part of NYJedi :)
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Very nice Sith
Tsukasa57's avatar
its still epic
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The thumbnail of this reminds me of Tuxedo Mask!
i always thought different color force powers were always awesome
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this would be a perfect character for a starwars videogame idea I had. do u mind if i send it to you? (the game idea)
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Well not only is this character not mine... But im sure that George lucas hates it when you make videogames without him. And if you with LucasArts... I want a Internship!
skywarpG1's avatar
oh idk that. i dont play mant starwars games. just the movie's :P and HA!! i wish i was with lucas arts.
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Why does everyone gotta piss in Turin's cheerioes?! Why?!?
(p.s. Is his name a reference to the shroud of turin?)
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im no star wars fan, i watched none of any of it (what? ur a loser man)

but this one's is KICK A$$
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Fantastic work - and may I also compliment you on the design of Darth Vice [link] which is absolutely awesome!!

Anyway, this is brilliant... :+fav:
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God I envy you people that know how to draw like that on computer O_o
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Very Nice Job, PROPS!!!!!!!!
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this one is one of my favorites ^^
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impressive...most impressive :D

good execution of foreshortening and lighting effects :3 you ever d20 your characters?
0Pandoras0tear0's avatar
I did but never finished them and there are on the broken computer D:
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your welcome, I like the Sith too
i love it! i especially love the coloring on the face :3
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Beautiful...That's just awsome, the impression and the dynamics make this picture really special
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