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Turin the jedi

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Is it me or does anyone else get confused when choseing catagoies for art. confuseing XP

Anyho! One of two pictures for the art traid with . Since he was so nice to do two pictures of my jedi character, I felt like doing the same.

I had a love/hate relationship with this picture early on. But I'm very happy how it came out. I officaly love my tablet.

Please tell me what you think. Im trying out some new styles of coloring.
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Wear the bare arms are showing it would look pretty cool if they were like armor plates with those symbols on them but this is a pretty sweet pic
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I really loved the skin and clohes coloring. Great job.
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This is pretty epic. And I think it's one of the few male Jedi pictures on DA where the lightsaber handle is actually the right length.
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SnegoalthorpStudent General Artist
Hey, just so you know I saw an ad with your pic in it on this site--don't know if you know about this or not.

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SnegoalthorpStudent General Artist
PS - Sometimes it shows up, sometimes it doesn't, but it links to this quiz site. [link]
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Re-Strike Photographer
awesome really cool work man really turned out wonderful
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hey i was wondering if i could just use his name in my fan fiction would that be okay?
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He doesn't belong to me so your going to have to ask Turin.
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hey this is an absolute brilliant picture also i was wondering if i could use the name within my jedi fan fiction story?
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SirMartin1Hobbyist General Artist
if only there were more too this it really draws the viewer in. :)
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great shading!
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Hey, that's pretty cool... very well done ;)
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wow I absolutely love your Star Wars pics. His athletic position is so amazing! You totally rock my world
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mitsukononameHobbyist Digital Artist
Really beautiful! Looks so soft and nice.
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nicely done but it has that annoying grainy look to it for some reason..... maybe it's just me.... otherwise you nailed the pose of a Jedi going into battle quite nicely...... generally though jedi tend to wear more neutral tones..... it helps them blend in though i can see this jedi being among those of the new order and had cast his side in with Kyp and his revolutionary ideas........ anywho nicely done..... i look forward to any other jedi pictures that you do..... May the Force be With You
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Very cool.
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he looks cool
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Wow, beautiful coloring! You're a great artist ^3^
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Awesome! frickin' insane!
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Awesome shading! I too get super confused when picking out my art category... takes me about 10 minutes looking through every option.

Okay- So I know you are getting super spammed about antm but you were the only reason I spent an entire day watching a cycle 9 marathon. I was rooting for ya the entire time! I got crazy defensive for ya seeing all the stuff you had to go through with the other girls

Anyways- Keep up the good work!
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wow such great shading and details. Yet it's not smudgey like all mine are o.O i need more practice lol >.<.... this is really good!!!!! great job. ^_^
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dirtydashaStudent Traditional Artist
I was lookin for a picture with some weapons and came across this one,

Im inspired --------------------------------
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wow, I do like this picture, although the adam's apple is a bit strong in this picture, perhaps you could soften it up, its easily done in photoshop with the beautiful control Z that the real world lacks. *laughs* I do like the folds and the one hand that is showing, i can't quite draw hands yet...curse it all.
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