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The Purfect little Girl

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:w00t: one down three more to go!

I am by far very happy how everything came out. I.d also like to thank bleedman, his art kinda helped me out on shading -huggles the masterman-

so yeah! It took to long like all the art I color in and would like to get stuff done alot faster but that aint happening anytime soon ^^;

Art traid for the wonderful
hope you like it sweetie!
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Wow! Really nice!
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This brings me back to the old days...... Ahhh, the fresh air of nostalgia gives me an epic time. I really love it, so cute!
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Gasp! This is the best version I've seen of them... Buttercup is my favorite :D
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XD soo cute!! u know they made an anime of them.
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ShinobinakuProfessional Digital Artist
You made the powerpuff look hawt! and still keep the cuteness :meow:
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X) i loved that show when i was little.
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justinyap90Professional Artist
this is cute...
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ultimatekaiHobbyist Digital Artist
I like your rendition of Blossom best. <3 When I saw your artwork on ANTM, I had the impression that you only drew realism. But I suppose you draw anime style too, huh?
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i always try to draw the powerpuff girls cause theyre unique but i cant can u draw them individually and the rowdy ruff boys they awesome so r u
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My Fav. is bubbles! Cus I love Blue!

This pic Rocks
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..I totally almost just called them the Spice Girls.

I loved the Powerpuff Girls! Hehe, and I really like this, it's cute :D
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This is adorable. :] I have loved the PPG since I was tiny. XD I was so excited to walk into the store Delia's and find that they sell a PPG shirt. :D

I love the ribbons in Bubbles's hair and Buttercup's gloves. Blossom's pose is so like her as well. xD The shading looks wonderful. Fav! ^-^

Have you seen PPG:Z?
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catzillaProfessional Traditional Artist
So cute! The touch of lace is adorable and buttercup is badass, haha!
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LHenderson General Artist
lol fancy seeing you here.
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catzillaProfessional Traditional Artist
haha, hi love!
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my god spectaculer
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:D I think there's an upcoming anime about the PPG!
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there is and I cant wait! :D
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VeesterStudent General Artist
It is surprising the similarity between the PPG and Totally Spies... O.x
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VeesterStudent General Artist
^^ that was totally my bro!!! i was logged on, and then he stole the keyboard!!!! srry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cookie:
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........ your so evil.
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NO wait, you didn't my bad. Overly obbsesive with art steelers. I'm not saying you are one but my stupid friend lies and says she makes all this stuff but she doesn't. I hate her so much.
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O.o wah!
Im officaly clueless!
Oh, and dont worry about paranoia about art thieves.... I'm paranoid too. ^^;
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YOU STOLE MY IDEA!!!!!!! Not mad though but you have to check out mine it somewhere in my deviation gallery. Go look pleez. It's just a stupid sketch but still.
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