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Couldetn decide what catigorie to put it in... oh well

Me and Cullen (best friend) were playing with our new tamagotchi conections when his fell asleep an hour earlier than normal. At the time we were trying to get them to mate (Cullen: hey Heather! LETS MATE!! | Me: GOOD IDEA CULLEN!!) and the tamagotchi's were being butt heads. We sooner found out that they were to young to mate :paranoid:

but yeah... mine is a little whore ^^;
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Mine just sleeps all the time... my friends tell me that means its dead, but I'm certain that it will come back one day...
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i lub tamagotchi!!! i want one... if i can find out where to buy one (or two) i think ill have some fun!
Sabaku-no-gaaralove's avatar
oh thats funny, i likes the way cullens tamagotchi looked like...and yuki! that was hilarious! i love tamagotchis btw, i have a v3 of my own, i used to have all the versions but my couzin stole the other two yeah, she didn't know that the v3 was the most popular :lmao: so i am stuck with my tamagotchi. v3 tamagotchi! :O sorry, a bit enthusiastic...
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ha, you and cullen would SO get along well. Hes pritty much the same with his collection... he even has a tamagotchi angel XP. Seriously its like a overdramatic obssesion of his. and I lost yuki... sad is me T-T
Sabaku-no-gaaralove's avatar
aw so sorry! :hug: (but its a toy anyway), when my cuz had one and it died on her, she was all like "OMG!! I AM SO SAD! WHY? WHY?" and she was in full tears...i was all like " a TOY! get over it!"

its was creepy...
0Pandoras0tear0's avatar
I have a problems with realiseing its a toy as well. I swear, everytime the thing dies, I cant help but feel really guilty that i didnt try hard enough.
Sabaku-no-gaaralove's avatar
I know, its like your kid, now i know how it feels like when a mother loses her child (how sad!)...
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