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X3 I love toast, specialy with cinnamin and butter =9
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Cinnamon Toast!!!
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I cant even remember.... Which is reason enough to get a new one of these things
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you do draw beautiful eyes :ohnoes:.. [and hair, and hands] :XD:

p.s. cinnamon rules :headbang::XD:
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I really hate wet socks. They are the worst. You're walking along and they're all dry and then that random nearly invisible puddle jumps out and BAM wet socks. When it happens I have to take my socks off right there. I'd rather walk barefoot through water than wear socks and walk through water. Random place to say all that but yeah lol.
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You like anime and manga? Awesome!
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Toast be the shit
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are you Pandora from Saint Seiya?!
ur image such a look a like...
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Dx yay toast!!!! with butter.. *-* :heart:
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TOAST! God, your making me hungry, plus that looks a lot like you. XD
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in the words of dr.membrane...HA HA! IV'E CREATED SUPER TOAST!!!!!!
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ummm....cinnamin and butter toast....i lived on that stuff for about 2 weeks once...ummmm...
anywho! it's so cute X3 love the style :heart:
beware evil toast people! soon you all shall be eaten! >:D
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>XD there we go!
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>XD there we go!
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ha, sounds like what I do when we get white bread and cinnimon at the same time

noooooo not the evil toast ppl! o.o
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I hate american watermelon flavor too... except for the occasional bubbles gum
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mmm, toast....but does dry bread even have personality?
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Its another way of me saying realy-boring-plane-people
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I want some toast too!!!! :chew: Lovely ID!! :clap: Me like ;3
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hehe toast!
Very cool look!
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