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So long

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In loveing memory of Boo Bear, litteraly the one cat no one (not even cat haters) couldnt love.
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Each animal and person affects you life in a his or her unique way. Even if a new cat cannot replace Boo Bear, I hope you can adopt another kitten that will brighten your life.
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awwww poor kitty...

thank God he's goin' to heaven.

can St. Peter understand him?
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It always hurts incredible much when you lose a pet.
I have a problem with relating (and actually liking people) so my cats have always ment extremely much to me.
I still haven't gotten over the loss of the cat I grew up with.. and she died almost 3 years ago.
I saw now that the image was uploaded like.. a really long time ago, but still.. it couldn't hurt to say that I'm sorry for your loss.
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Oh my, I wasn't expecting to see that. It really hits home, since I was a cat hater until I got the most adorable cat I've ever known, she snorted like a piggy. We think she got hit in the nose and never fully recovered. She died not too long ago, wasted away.
Very sweet of you to do art in memory of the kitty, I'm inspired to do the same now >>
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This is really comforting. My cat just passed today...Maybe they've seen each other up there! :)
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RiciaHobbyist General Artist
This is beautiful.
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This is beautiful!! Sorry for your loose!!!
We lost our cat 2 years ago, after 12 years together!!:heart:
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katcrunchHobbyist Digital Artist
Aww poor kitty! And 'tis an orange kitty... orange kitties are the best.. too bad he went to the uhh.. heavenly litterbox O_O;

is he really long? ~just wondering...

ultimate fave! :+fav:
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:-( Poor kitty.
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That's such an adorable picture, I love the colours, it's so serene ^_^ I know it was a while ago, but I'm sorry for your loss :hug:
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so cute :)
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Aww :(

wonderful work! What did you use to Do the fur?
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baokhanhhoang Photographer
Wow!! I love your style Heather. Fantastic. What tools did you use? Keep it up!

I love cats as well :) I dont know what I would do with my cat.
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aww i'm sorry. I lost my dog a year ago, it's hard.

It's a loving drawing, I love the soft tones, great job!
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reminds me of my passed kitten :'( i think this kind of artwork helps you go trough it, don't you think?
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psychogizmoHobbyist Photographer
Aww these things always make me so sad.
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Lilith13thevampireHobbyist General Artist
aww i iz sorry >,<

i knowz how u feel, i lost a bunny =(
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I wish I could give you a hug. I am the "mother" of two beautiful cats I love dearly and know the attachment girls have to their beloved felines.
At least he is in a wonderful place where trees grow fish and there is a sushi resturant on every block (because cats love sushi. Everytime I eat sushi, my boy cat tries to steal one from my plate).
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People who hate cats were mice in a previous life.
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MycatjewelHobbyist Traditional Artist
That's such a cute picture. I like the way you colored it!
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The loss of pets suck. :hug: I love the image. The softness of the image and how it looks happy rather than depressing. I guess it makes sense? I'm not sure. I suck with words.
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I love it when you draw like this. I like it when the colors are.. "soft" rather than the color in some of your art. xD I don't how to describe it, I'm still a DA newb. :3
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Ohh I'm sorry for your loss :hug: I've got 2 cats and cant imagine how sad would I be if something bad happened to them. Just don't want to think about it :( It's a beautiful picture ....and it brings the tears in my eyes :kitty:
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