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Shika in Drag :3

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Published: September 14, 2005
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HOKAY! So heres the story...

Once opon a time, when I was still a senior in highschool. I was feeling quite frisky! So I asked my buddy sam for ideas for pictures for me to draw. We only had like two minutes to spare since it was passing period, but sammi did come up with some wild ideas (since it was sam). One that stood out was... Shika drag queen.

he makes such a pritty woman X3
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shika's my fav Naruto character n ur making him a drag?

but at least the red fits.
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hitsuji16Hobbyist General Artist
What a drag:)
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Shika! Why i'm still searching for Naruto fanart... no idea. Can't stop to like this lazyass i guess.

Nice picture, but i guess i like him better as a male ;)
kuri-ji-saru's avatar
That's... scary good... The image will forever be burned into my brain...O.O I don't think i can watch Naruto for a while... It's good, but creepy!

...and now my rant's complete!
(don't mind me XD)
violetheart's avatar
He looks like his mother?
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x-Yuri-chan-xHobbyist General Artist
omg i love it!! and i love shika x]... especially in drag <3 *favs*
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FDQHobbyist Digital Artist
XD Oh my God!!

I absolutely lurve Shikamaru as a boy, but my twisted mind just tells me I LURVE him even more as a drag XXD

This is by far the best Shikamaru art on dA EVER! I wish I could draw like that O_O then I could make all Naruto boys into drags too XXD

O_____O Orochimaru drag *dies*
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Why must he look prettier than me?
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Lilith13thevampireHobbyist General Artist
lol omg Shikamaru lookin hawt XD

lol randomness ownz :#1:
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This totally made my day, Shika in drag. He's even got a cute little mole and...


I think I'm going to nosebleed.

:+favlove: It seems redoing dA is going to prove fun.
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hahaha, "what a drag"

haha.. ah... stupid bad english dubbing...

though I have to say that red is SO his color

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MycatjewelHobbyist Traditional Artist
I like his face, it's the same expression he gives to everything and it works!
KitsuneFun's avatar
*falls over laughing* too funny, reminds me of the time I decided to draw Naruto as Rainbow bright and Orochimaru as Sailor Moon XD but sometimes some of the male characters in animes look better in drag than the girls
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LHenderson General Artist
hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha nice.
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tec2030Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL! It's his version of the Sexy Jutsu...I think it backfired though...
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ChandrarajHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wowee...I don't know who that was, but it made me happy... Very happy...Great work
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OMG!! you turned my fav char into a drag =)) =)) That's really sick, hahaha... aside from the whole drag thing... the pic is well done ;)
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SmileWhenDeadHobbyist Digital Artist
wow. this is... amazing! i can't stop laughing!!!
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...:( you put my twin in drag. HAHA it's awesome
Zyanevra's avatar
yes he does...but i would look better in that outfit...just kiddin...i would look way worse...
DuckyQueen's avatar
Shika makes an awesome prostitute... :3 Lurve this picture!
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0Pandoras0tear0's avatar
And he loves u too. He just to lazy to show it XD
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