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Sephiroth for EErie

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GOD.... I HATE man-croches.

Now that I have that of my chest. Since I enjoied the first art traid with . I wanted to do another with her. Which she was all up for it. Sorry it took so long... I was waiting to get my tablet to do this picture. Corse only 30% of this picture was done with a tablet. It came down to me just stop working on him just so that I could continue with the rest of the picture. I could have done better... *grummbles*

Im so proud of how his sword came out though.

Hope its to your liking. :fingerscrossed:

Edit: my bad... man CROTCH.... evil...evil...evil!
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the hands are done in a perfect way....i love it:heart:
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This is awesome, definitely one of teh smexiest Sephy pics I've ever seen.

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ITS Sexy! I reallly love this, you've outdone yourself! FAVING!
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Ooo another Sephy for my collection, can't beat those Final Fantasy bad boys.
Nice style, beautiful hands.
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Mmmmm. He looks positively delicious. XD
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Oooh, sephiroth, shirtless...doesn't get much better than that!
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Good job on the sexy pants! X3
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Arms seem a bit short, but the muscles look great.~
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Looks just like him! Great piece. One thing I would change is make the hair longer...it felt like it was longer in the game...
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Whoa, I absolutely love the way you drew this. The skin looks extravagant~
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mm sephiroth <3_<3
this reminds me >__>;
I have a cloud work to upload :X

anyways, at first i read this as "GOD.. I hate man cro-shays"
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that's pretty freakin' smurf
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wish EErie would come and see it... Im afraid she does not aprove :cry:
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what's not to approve?!
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well she kinda dropped off the face of the earth... she hasent done the picture I asked for and she hasnt commented on the picture I did for her... so thats going to make me a tad on the doubtful and nervous side.
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that's not cool... well i think it freakin' rocks. as a guy with no butt i'm glad to so a beshi with no butt, you've done well by us
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nice body ;P he has no butt though!! XDDD :glomp:
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I have a problem with mens rear ends...... seriously, they're plotting with the crotch to some how kill me :paranoid:
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XD!! the crotch will someday kill you

;P ;P
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not today though... I got bleach!
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Wow, very good anatomy, I love how detailed you made his body. He's so muscular and well-built... :drool: There are so many things I like here, I don't know where to start... *is lost*

Well, first of all, the shading on really good, especially on his muscles and all. His bodybuilt really stands out here. You drew Masamune really well, it looks like a real sword. The coloring is overall good and the use of light and shadows is really good. I always have problems remembering the light source, but you don't seem to have that problem. I'm really impressed with this artwork, it's very different from all the Sephiroth fanart I usually see, and in a positive way. You never stop surprising me, Pandora.
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Yay, I :heart: your comments. there so nice! :hug:
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Those hands= beautiful. So much love for them....and the MAN CROTCH! X3 Awesome job, beautifuly done sword, too.

The bkg makes me think of DNA... Is that just the science nerd in me?
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