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I had so much fun with this one! And it was fairly easy to do. I Love it to bits!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Again, If u want to adopt one of my pixle art...things... u have to ask me. its not to much to ask and i almost always say yes, unless u catch me on a bad day ^^; then just ask me again tomorrow. and if i do let u adopt... please link back to me.
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johannady2Hobbyist Digital Artist
i didn't know you have DA heather! XD
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wow it's D.O.M.O.
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YAY!!! DOMO-KUN!!! <3

When they had the display up for Halloween at Target, I tried really hard for the Target people to give the giant 2ft Domo-Kun...

Lame Target people broke my dreams

OK... my over dramatic teen angst is dome...

I love this Domo!!!
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haha, love it! so cute..
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domo domo domo domo
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Heheh, Heather! I have a stuffed Domo Kun that my husband bought me! I will send you a pic!
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Domokun! I love it. :]
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Domokun for the win.
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this is made of win.
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I need one of those to keep those burglers from burgling my Grumblecakes.
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I think it would eat your grumblecake behindz your back. :paranoid:

whats a grumblecake? -is starting to get hungry-
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What-the-GaffProfessional Digital Artist
I've seen these things before! Great scott, they kill a kitten everytime you masterbate!! I even found a sign that confirmed this theory!
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::steals him::
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nooooooo!!! mine! >< -is dragged on floor-
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I saw that thing on teh Kerrang channel once!
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Would it be okay if I used this little dude for a design? (was in website design) I'd leave credit to you, of course.
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hey sure if you leave me the link when your done so i can see the coolness! X3 I'm happy that you have grone intrest for my little kitten eater!
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haha I saw these things on [link]
That is great!
good job!
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hehe, i like it. very cute
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DOMO KUN! I'd love to adopt domo-kun :heart: :heart: :heart:
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o0. wow. that was fast...
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