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Merry Frickin' Christmas

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yay boxes! XD
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SHOrTwiREDHobbyist General Artist
And the wrappers are fun to put on your head!!!
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SHOrTwiREDHobbyist General Artist
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so cute and true.
and guess what?
this reminds me of and episode of Sponge Bob.
The I-MA-GI-NAI-TION episode.
of the box. and the rainbow lol.
(maybe I should quit TV... it really freaks me out) D:D
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oh god I had that as my wallpaper a few days ago. ah it still makes me giggle every time i see it.
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sponge bob?
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omg thats so true XD
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Vaya-KahviHobbyist General Artist
Oh that is so funny. I like the cats sitting there going "But you're not suppose to have fun with it, we are!"
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that and theres not enough room for them all
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Vaya-KahviHobbyist General Artist
I hope they get a turn!
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Box! Box! Box! Me loves the BOX!!! :) Well done Heather, I heard you say that you were an artist on T.v., but I never realized you were this creative and imaginative :) All your art is amazing!! Once again well done :) By the way...i Loooooooooooove the kitties ^^

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haha this is so cute
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I'm not sure what I was more excited about when we first started buying things for my daughter before she was born: the fact that I was having a baby or the sheer size of all the boxes. *rolls*
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hahah this made me smile

cause sadly its sooo truee :)
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Box :3 I like the foot.
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Mmm, boxes...
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MAH JEBUS THATS SO ME XD!!!! o love me some big BOOXES but now adays i always get wraping paper its so sad SO SAD!<cries> ima ask for a big box for x-mas
ILL ASK RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<really asking>
great..................thanks to my mouth i have to go see my therapist 3 times a week now <cries>
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serriously good boxes you got there :), I'm so jealous...
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Hahaha when every something is in a box I go "OH thank you you got my a box!"
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god......i love boxes.....this is so true....i live a shallow life.....oh well
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Join the club! *sneaks around with box all Metal Gear Solid style! X3*
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box of death!!!!
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DaNoodleBoxHobbyist General Artist
Box! box box! :giggle: I'm excited!
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This reminds me of the family. If Sammo hasn't told you yet, yeah, almost everyone in the Wayman family has slept in a box once.
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Please adopt me!
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