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Little Lion

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:!::!::!: PLEASE FULL VEIW!!! :!::!::!:
the tiny preview thing does the pic no justice :chainsaw:

On July 7th, at 7:11pm, My sister gave birth to a healthy seven pound baby boy.

There are (counts fingers) FOUR 7's in that kids birth day! (This is no joke....the babys father prayed for the birth time to have one of his favorite numbers 7 in it. Who says that stupid and poinless prayers arent answered...)

Was sapose to post this thing on Thurs, but due to my lazyness and lack of time.... I couldnt touch the picture till this morning...
and it STILL toke too long to color the stupid thing... THIS IS THE FIFTH TIME SUBMITING THIS THING! DA kept on screwing up the preview.... :shakefist:

but yeah....

Im a aunt! X3
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July 7th is my b-day , I turned 15 that day!

Also I love the Lion and Lamb idea!

*hugs for rocking it*

My first comment on art!

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awww this is sooo lovelyyy
congratz auntie!
this drawing reminds me of twilight. sooo cute.

your drawins are really awesome.
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awww! They're both really cute. I love the way you can see where the butterfly was flying.


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This is adorable!
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omg, thats adorable!!!
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This just... oozes cute, but I suppose it's a good thing. Congrats on the new addition to the (albeit extended) family. The preview made me think of Lamb Chop's Play Along from waaay back when O_o;;
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This is so adorably cute, it makes my head explode into candy. <3 !
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This is just too cuteeee :D Definately a fav :)
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this is so cute!!!
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About time somebody replaced Shari Lewis. I just saw that old South Park episode where Lambchop got cooked. I'm traumatized.
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Really Adorable, i'm faving this
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Heh :P... you really are a Great artist you know
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awwww! Thanks! :hug: Its strange. Everytime I get sad or depressed about something *art related or not*, people like you come along and make me happy!
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You're welcome and thats great to know, i like to make people happy again:nod:.... May your AUSOME talent never run out and may you always get Great ideas... I'm going to watch you now, hope you dont mind
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not at all! I love having watchers, It makes me feel special. ^^
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x) awwww!!! Thats so cute!
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XD He's so cute and pathetic!
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He wants that butterfly soo badly..... but alas he shall never get it..... since hes a stupid baby man :XD:

but I :heart: him so
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How adorable! X3 Nice job, I love the texture you used on the sun and the grass looks amazing. So much love to the sheep and the lion costume. The butterfly is amazingly detailed, so kudos for that. The way you did Keyson's eyes is totally cool. :3
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why is it when I do the half ass jobs, it looks the best -clearly anoyed-
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Maybe because when you do it half-assed, you're looser and the art just flows. When you're set out to make something and make it perfect, you get all tense and art blocks pop up everywhere. *shrugs* That's what happens to me. XD
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