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Holiday Fear

Happy holidays and watch your @$$...

Edit: Was originaly going to put "Devil" but Halmark just clicked better for some reason.
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I love the message!
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ahahahhaha good work
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Thats funny xD but more funny is the people from my country puerto rico they put that plastic snowmen in christmas D: tsnowmen die here with extreme heat XD!
browneyedanachronism's avatar
bahahahahahha! thats great.
Vicious-kun's avatar
...Looking at this again, I realize that I'll never stop smiling at this picture. ^^
Evanescence-4-ever's avatar
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JAJA, Interesting Joke.
Looks Like Old Windows Paint, Is it?
Hikari-Sora's avatar
XD This gave me such a great laugh =)
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that's hilarious! XDDD
BellaOrNothing's avatar
So true!
Those dancing snowmen r so creepy.
GAK. I think one is gonna come up and kill me in the frikin night...
luvluvg's avatar
LoL! That is so kawaii~ X3
passer by.I like it
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O_O I just received a hallmark card today...NOOOOOOOOO

*gir's doom song plays in the background*
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I can never look at snowmen the same way
Ruler-OF-Worlds's avatar
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Yes i agree yher pure evil xD
Blue-Wolf-Walking's avatar
Next year, you need the singing Santa they have at Wiseway.

Just saying.
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That is so cool. You should make one for Valentines Day next!
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I love this picture! it's hilarious i hate those dancing snowmen, and santa's my grandma is like crazy when it;s christmas and has like 10 of those things i hate them they scare me! but i LOVE this picture!
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