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Demon hunter on a budget

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This is what happend when David/Turin mentions to me his unique choice in anti-Demon weapons. I think his exact words were...

'Thats why I walk around with a lighter and a can of aerosol hairspray... When they start dancing, FLAME THEIR ASSES!' after hearing/reading this... the mental image above (plus over dramatic jumping and ninja flipping) spawned in my head.

Edit: ack almost forgot...
Snowdevil is mine
Turin is/belongs to
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FireclawIceclawHobbyist Digital Artist
[Fireclaw]*hides* he must never know I'm a demon...crap I just said it...He'll never find me though!*accidentally shouts it*
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hahahah kewl,thatd be me on a friday
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katcrunchHobbyist Digital Artist
Snowdevil: subliminal screech! subliminal screech! :ohnoes:

I loved the hallmark snowdevil thingy comic... this is hillariouser :XD:
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psychogizmoHobbyist Photographer
Dahaha, I love the faces.
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sooo cutee!ahahahaa...i would love to see ur team of poor demon hunterss!ahaha cute just too cute
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pheww glad u got the little sucker! (if u run out of hairspray i know an even cheaper way to destroy evil snowmen and its 100 percent natural and u wont have to worry about it effecting the ozone . . . . . . just unzip ur fly and . . . . . .{i cant write it down *insert immagination here*} . . . . . . . . . ewwwww)
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Is that the snowman from the Hallmark thingy?
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lmao thats hilarious!
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Also works with bugs spray, that way it kills the snowmans fleas, and bakes him to a melted, gloopy crisp (Or it makes acutly snowmen toxic puddles which are even better!).
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ChaoticChildHobbyist General Artist
Wow...so funny! lol
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C-KattHobbyist General Artist
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AJAngeliqueHobbyist Traditional Artist
*snorts on her tea and dies laughing*
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this is gud!
very cute!
well done!
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Gezz, Girl, you really don't like the Holiday Spirit...
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no, I do. I just dont like the holiday spirit that makes those snowmen/santas dance.
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that also works on annoying bums
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eh... normaly I just sic pandas after annoying bums.
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ahhh omg.
That sounds just like me~ :3
Punting Penguins is a back up plan though xD
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ahahahha I want to do that now... >.>
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DavidFernandezArtProfessional Artist
Omg I farking love you XD. Ive never had a pick based off me XD. INSTANT FAVE!
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Ha! You said Farking! Im rubbing off on you X3.
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DavidFernandezArtProfessional Artist
Lol I just love my expression :D. And you even put in my sword XD! IO could marry you right now.
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i enjoyed drawing this thoroughly (exspecialy the ur expression).
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