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Brownie and Azzie

There they are, the wonderfully gay duo from our Vampire RP,

Brownie is my happy vampire hippie (normally he doesnt have a five-o-clock shadow, but since V couldnt draw him with one...) And Azarious (Azzie for short <3), who plays, is a cute skinny thing and dear Brownies bestest friend :3

Me and V have the best time with these two having them bounce around in there little band (brownie sings azzi plays guitar.) be totaly oblivious to there public flurting and clingyness, and just plain having them be total dumbasses.

if you dont get the joke its because its a inside joke between my friends involving gay porn with a uke that looks exactly like Azzie.

Expect to see more pictures of these clowns in the future.

Brownie belongs to me
Azzie belongs to

Done in prisma ink and markers... and touched up on a evil mac at school.
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i really like ur art cuz it got some humor.... *screams fun FUn FUNNN!!*
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Wouldnt that be scary if you saw someone who could pass for your twin in a porno?
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*dies laughing* awesome!
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that was the whole porpose of the picture babe! <3

Hey... you got any days off? I still want to hang out with you this weekend.
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My next day off is.. my birthday, probably. Next Saturday.

Tomorrow I only work 9-2, but I might just need to spend it all with Sam. I haven't seen her much ~_~
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so you to kissed and made up I see. Well thats good... exactly what happened.
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Bahahah, this is a change of pace, for me, at least. I'm so used to all of this pretty, wonderful art, and then BANG. Teh pr0n. Five 'o' clock shadows. THAT SPIDER WHOSE NAME I FORGOT.
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hehehehe me like
Heheheh... they say everyone in the world has a double... so thats quite worrying o.o;

Excellent facial expression XD
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