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Aayla Secura redesigned

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Beautiful, graceful, powerful. Aayla Secura displays the innate elegance and charm of the Twi'lek species even as she wields her lightsaber in battle. She is a striking figure with cerulean blue skin, distinctive head tentacles - and the focused intensity of a lightsaber blade. She stands unyielding in the face of attack, a shimmering promise of strength and defiance to all who confront her in combat.

I do lov twi'leks, specialy Aayla. Done for starwars revamp contest, when I should be doing homework and such ^^;
took me only a few hours to do it , though it took longer since l kept getting interupted, everyone wanted to hang out with me all at the same time ><...

more pictures to come.

Aayla Secura belongs to good ol George Lucas (though he did kill her off T^T)
costume design and picture is mine though... so please no stealing and/or altering
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Midway2009Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very beautiful. :love:
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Love the outfit.
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MoonXD's avatar
Need. To. Fave
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I love the design you created for Aayla. I think it is superior in every way to the cannon version.
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keep-breathingHobbyist Traditional Artist
one of my fav character....you draw her so beautiful:love::clap::dance:
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Those lekku bandages are the sex.
Very nice.
Aayla <3
aquasblades2's avatar
This is true artwork. It looks great!
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5ilverPhoenixHobbyist Traditional Artist
ima dumbass is she from star wars (she lookes familiar XD)
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SirMartin1Hobbyist General Artist
nice choice with the diagonal angle got much more of the character in and gave it space :)
santiago88's avatar
wow...i love the colors....i love ur work
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PookpicHobbyist Digital Artist
Ohh really nice, i like the expression so much. Your are very good ;3
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WickedPrinceHobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful work. :)
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Woah... This is just so good.
The dynamics and motion in this are perfect! She's really pretty for a blue girl too! xD
You're just too damn good. Inspiring. >.<
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miyu-hiwatariHobbyist Writer
I really like this. I mean, Aayla Secura has just gotta be the hottest Jedi around =P
Kaoru-hime's avatar
i really really like this one, its a great drawing of great movement
and the painting is great!
Slinkymilinky's avatar
this i awesome, i love the sense of movement and the colouring is great.
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psychogizmoHobbyist Photographer
HILLYMINNEProfessional General Artist
Oh wow! :) Very neat pose and I like the way you colored her. I think this shows your progress with faces really well. The body is really well done! :)
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tygraxProfessional General Artist
Awsome Artwork. Nice pose and concept of the character. I've scanned it over quite a bit and i'm drawing a blank for any kind of helpful feedback I can give. I really like it. Keep the fanart up :D
TrueAmatuer101's avatar
I LOVE her...she is one bad ass chick...best jedi ever...I really wish her part in the movies would have been much bigger...she could have been an interesting character!
lithium-and-jasper's avatar
I love the reasonably wide-spacing of her eyes and the curve of her nose. Sexiest Twi'Lek ever!
jhack's avatar
awsome coloring ^^ maybe you can clean the pencils on the left side so it'll look neat ^^ still i love this :heart:
fish-in-my-pants's avatar
oops this was actually my new account lD

i commented like a few minutes ago as well as favoriting ;D {pixie}
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