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Just a observation
Ok Ive come to some terms that no one reads this but oh two or ten people, and the rest is just too busy with school and stuff. So me updating (WHICH WILL HAPPEN) is just to appease me and the ten other people. As well I am going to be making a new portfolio/professional DA account pretty soon. Now just to dive into my personal world and to just get it off my chest since I'm jittery from too much caffeine. Ive been watching the first season of TruBlood with my boyfriend and just realize that the Vampires irk me, which is strange. I was terrified of them when I was a kid and naturally it shortly developed (to my patients dismay...) to a utter
Dear god I need to update my gallary
I hadn't  realized how OUT OF DATE my art is until I actually looked at my gallery as a whole... I am a little ashamed at how bad everything got. And before you guys say anything. The thing is that well Ive did get better, and all this stuff is REALLY old. I mean REALLY. This was back when i did cutsy crap like talk to the character in the picture... just creeps me out now five years later. The Teen Titan stuff is fine... for the most part. But other then that... I Heather K. NEEDS to update the crap out of my gallery. even if its not finished and colored. Because this... stuff... WILL not fly. laters
Back from HK
Well Ive been back for a few months, but theres always something getting in the way of me getting art up. Normaly its just me being a procrastinator, or me fearing people stealing my art ideas or concepts, or something like that... or just me getting bull in my way. Like this time. Not only did my computer break in  hk... and I had to get a new one (his name is Mr Chow, and he screams comp warnings in Cantonese.) But! My internet provider told me FU last month. SOOO. I have no interwebs. I'll try to get on as much as possible. Other then that Ill be trying to get my art juices flowing again since HK interwebs blew. But other then That I mis


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dwindt|Hobbyist Digital Artist
PandorasTear....thought provoking alias. Is it a reflection of yourself. Sounds very deep. 
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IrisAurorae|Hobbyist Digital Artist
love you~:heart:
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You should totally use this. Your art is awesome!
(And so was your ANTM Cycle).
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Markdotea|Student Digital Artist
Heather I can't express how much I love u! And I got so disapointed u didn't win ANTM! But I still love u and ur pictures!! I hope you're fine!! Greeting from Brazil!
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xXAll-My-SpitexX|Student General Artist
Hi, I remember you!!
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P.S. LOVE your tagline, and your art!!!! Don't ever stop!
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Heather, I've watched all 17 seasons of ANTM (I know, pathetic) and you were the BEST model EVER!!!! I know this is a cliche, but you are a role model, really. Though she's been tested four times, by four different sources, and doesn't officially have Ausberger's or autism, my 10-year-old daughter has "symptoms that fall under the Autistic spectrum", including ADD. She is a smart, gorgeous child, and she is truly blessed with artistic talent. She is socially awkward, though. Hey, I was a goth (back then, in the '80s, we were called "mods") loner when I was a kid; people used to ask me, some genuinely curious and kind, if I worshipped Satan (I didn't--I kinda fell in love with Siouxsie Sioux, though). Even now, though I have decent social skills, I'd rather be alone or with my family.
Every time I notice your cycle being reran, I have to call my daughter so we can watch you together. Girl, you ROCK.
My little one really wants to show her art on this website, but I think she's a bit young for that now...from what I've seen.
Honestly, I think some aspects of ADD and Ausberger's can IMPROVE the artistic and creative processes, including modeling. You were great!
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