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After a lot of delays and problems finding a location (we couldn't shoot at my two main choices) I finally have photos of my Eternal Sailor Pluto cosplay :D

Super long Construction Notes: [link]

Photographer: Tatsuya

Costume, model, editor: Me

Creative production: [link] and [link]
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Feb 27, 2011, 2:09:25 PM
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Sailor Pluto is the best!
0oMrsHydeo0's avatar
Totally! She has always been my favorite ;P
elsch's avatar
This is really perfectly crafted. Great job!!!
0oMrsHydeo0's avatar
Yuume's avatar
This is by far THE best Pluto cosplay I've seen. Wonderful job!
0oMrsHydeo0's avatar
Wow thanks! that's a great compliment since there are a lot of great cosplayers out there ^.^
nikita666's avatar
amazing costume and weapon. nice shot
0oMrsHydeo0's avatar
Thanks! glad you like it :)
KonekoTabby's avatar
One word comes to mind. AMAZING!
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Hagure-Hitogata's avatar
epic fail
akatsuki-no-yumiko's avatar
Great costume and great pose, but the weapon is a masterpiece! May I ask you what fabrics did you use for the costume? I'd like to do a Sailor Jupiter costume, but I hate using satin...
0oMrsHydeo0's avatar
Thanks! it was my first time doing something like that staff, so I'm quite pleased with the result. As for the fabrics, for the body and the gloves I used a stretchy thick cotton, for the skirts and the bows I used linen (at least I think thats how it's called, in my country is called "lino") wich has a nice fall it's easy to work with and looks expensive. Above everything I tried to avoid using glossy fabrics since I didn't want it to look to "costumy".

Hope that helps for now, I'll be posting full construction notes with process photos as soon as I can :)
akatsuki-no-yumiko's avatar
I thank you really much :)
DanikaMorningStar's avatar
Great costume! I'm majorly impressed with the weapon
0oMrsHydeo0's avatar
Thanks! the staff was a lot of work since I have never done something like it before, but I learned a lot from the experience :D
Nami-Taicho's avatar
Menuda fotaza, Dios! Ô__O
Jarrak's avatar
Great shot, love the location, really pretty, great piernas. :)
0oMrsHydeo0's avatar
Sunnybrook1's avatar
Wow, everything about this cosplay is very solid, I can't find anything to fault!* :wow:

*Well, maybe the models' skin tone, but that has nothing to do with the costume design...
0oMrsHydeo0's avatar
Hehehe thanks! and actually I did think about going to a tanning boot, but I'm so pale that I would end up looking like a lobster x.x
vernice61's avatar
sexy minikilt...:-P
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