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This costume was created by Claudia Arana from "Freak Tower" and me, she's a great friend and one of the most talented people I have ever met. Without all her help I could've never done this cosplay ^^

For construction notes please visit: [link]

Photographer: [link]

Asistent: [link]

Cosplayer, editor: Me ^^

P.S.: The retouch on the eyes is completely intentional, I wanted a non-human effect, because after all Morrigan is a succubus

**Fun fact: after the head wings were finished my dog ate one of the them... Seriously, I got home and found him chewing on the little thing >.<
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Beautiful setting suits you. Where was this shot?

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Hi, we are doing a morrigan special with the best morrigan we have found on the web. Would you be ok if we post this picture in our article? we will of course give you the credit as well as the team that worked here linking our viewers to your site and work.

Our pages:

fb: /kurojigen
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You know that's exactly how I pictured  her in the 3D dimention. Well done you take a very lovely picture.
Monster-Girl's avatar
My I have your permission to use this for a flyer? Send me a PM if that makes you more comfortable. :)
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You truly are Morrigan! wonderful, sexy... amazing!
Your photo just inspire me... I'll like to make a pic based on your cosplay... adding your full credits for the inspiration of course... if you allow me to :)
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Another great photo of your Morrigan cosplay! Very nice!!
shreddlock's avatar
THOSE WINGS ARE MADE SO WELL!!! What did you use?
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oh my.,what a huge pair of.,., hehe just joking.
you are colombian.,i had a colombian girlfriend once., im from italy.,and colombian girls are..,as i remember.,so hot hehe
0oMrsHydeo0's avatar
Hehehe yeah it's the latin blood, we can't help it ;P
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wouldnt you like an italian boyfriend?? hehe
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Una vez mas te veo en mis favoritos, es inevitable contemplar lo bella que eres y lo genial que te queda el cosplay. Muy hermosa y sexy. ;)
0oMrsHydeo0's avatar
Muchas gracias! me halagas bastante :blush:
dannysulca's avatar
lo justo, es un placer ver tu gallery. :)
Effervescent-Dreams's avatar
Awesome pose here. A really good portrayal of Morrigan!
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You have the chest... Oups; the eyes for the character, for sure ^^
0oMrsHydeo0's avatar
Hehehe thanks! you certaintly can't cosplay a character like that without having the big "eyes" ;P
Karafactory's avatar
Fortunatly, you have the entire body, not only the "eyes", for your nice cosplays too ^^
0oMrsHydeo0's avatar
Thanks! you're very kind :)
Karafactory's avatar
You deserve it ^^

To bad we live so far apart, it could be a pleasure to do a photoshoot with you ^^

So keep up the good work ^^
0oMrsHydeo0's avatar
Thanks! I would love to a shoot with you too, maybe someday I'll travel to france ^.^
Karafactory's avatar
Hey who knows ! ^^

And keep up the good work ^^
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wow. very nice~!
0oMrsHydeo0's avatar
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