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Umbreon tattoo

Not for commercial use! If you see this anywhere for sale it isn't me
The second in the set is Umbreon ^^

Vaporeon Tattoo
Jolteon Tattoo
Flareon Tattoo
Leafeon Tattoo
Glaceon Tattoo
Espeon Tattoo
Sylveon Tattoo

People who got this tattoo ^^

If you ever decide to get one of my tattoos be sure to link me! I'd love to fav it and show it here =D
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I didn't get your glorious umbreon as a tattoo, but I did manage to make him glow as a pumpkin for Halloween! Is that ok?
Umbreon Pumpkin! by Silval58
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Wow that turned out really neat!~ Yeah it's fine with me
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Thankee much!
Hello, may I get this as a tattoo sir? Would you require that the word Ooka be included in the tattoo, or could one just get the beautiful art and know you have the credit?
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It's free to use so you can get it as a tattoo if you'd like ^^ you don't need to have my signature in the tattoo itself just giving credit for it is fine =D I'd also love to see a pic if you get it done!
Hello, I am asking if I may use this piece as a tattoo, out of respect? Would you like your signature to stay or can it be omitted, but with the credit given to you everytime if asked? Such a beautiful art work! I would like to keep the signature out of respect but a different color perhaps if fine?
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Hi thank you! I used your template for one of my pyrography pieces. Made sure to credit!

Wood burned Umbreon  by Fancypawz24
Wood burned Umbreon
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Oh wow that turned out neat! Thank you for crediting me too~
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Hello! I love this template so much! 
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I actually got this done last year on my ankle and I still love it till this day :) it’s one of my favourite tattoos and was also my first ever tattoo :) 
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Hello ^^ I'm glad you like it~
I got this tattoo in May and I absolutely love it!!
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I'd love to see a pic of it =D
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Hey! I love this and the espeon so much, they're amazing! I hope it's okay with you that I painted colour versions, and I was wondering if it would be okay for me to get them tattooed? I'll credit you if I post them anywhere or if anyone asks of course. :)
0okamiseishin's avatar
Sure it's fine by me =D. I would love to see pics and how you colored them too ^^
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Sure I'll upload it and post the link :)
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Hey! Here is the tattoo I got from your design! Thanks soo much!…

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That's awesome! Glad you like it so much =D
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Ive never been fond of the idea of getting a tatoo but this...and everything else you made....its....

AN EXCEPTION Marco Is Amazed Emote 
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Thank you so much TvT I wish I could figure out how to sell prints online so people that can't get tattoos can have them too.
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^o^ hope you figure out soon
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lol i'd get this if i were old enough and weren't a wuss
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As someone who recently got my first tattoo it actually wasn't as bad as I'd thought but it really depends on where you get it xD
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