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Requests, Anyone?
I'm gunna open up space for five requests, just 'cause I feel like I need a kick in the pants in the drawing department. So! Who would like me to draw them a noodle character? OCs are welcome, but please have a good reference for me. And tell me what you'd like them to be doing, or I'm gunna make them do something stupid, like setting themselves on fire or getting shot in the face. One character per picture, however you can make multiple requests (I'll only pick one, though). Not necessarily first come, first serve, so have at it! Can't say it'll be super quick, 'cause I'm in the middle of university things and house-hunting, but I'll give
Oh, Hello Again
Hey hey, look who's back! Um. It's me. In case you didn't... uh... Anyway, to explain my absence somewhat, I've been dedicating my time to learning HTML and CSS, which is partly why I haven't done... well... anything, really. But I'm back now! Sorta. Maybe. And that's my story.
If I were to open up commissions for "noodle" Transform...
  |  21 votes
  • Yes
  • If they were something other than Transformers, yes (drop me a comment, yo!)
  • No

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ZombiesAsAMetaphor|Student Filmographer
Well hey there!
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You replied! :dance: :hug:
howve you been its been so long!?

On a side note I noticed all your Blindside artwork is gone and that makes me saaaaaaaad
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ZombiesAsAMetaphor|Student Filmographer
Yeah! Sorry, I don't really come here all that often anymore, haha.

I've been good, doing uni stuff mostly. How 'bout yourself?

Yeaaaahhhh I got rid of a lot of stuff because it hurt to look at. Old art [shudders]
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Clu-art|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for faving Hot Spot! :D
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ZombiesAsAMetaphor|Student Filmographer
No worries! He looks great!
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JonD7|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave, bud... really appreciate it!
Great artwork man, love your style. :)
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