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It's no secret that I love Tolkien's Matoran Dictionary. There's so much effort put in, and it adds so much both to canon and fanon. It's even a good part of the reason I took a linguistics class this year. And now that I have a background in linguistics, I appreciate the effort put in all the more (not to mention understand it more).

Through the years since I was introduced, I've been reading through examples and trying to engineer and reverse engineer names for my characters in the dictionary. Now, I'm no Tolkien, but I think it's about time I compile it, more for me than for you. I'll try to keep it updated as I go.

Adera |n.cmpd.| curious, lit. "wild mind" [adera < atu-ra, from atu "mind, will" and ra "wild, uncontrolled, violent"]

Angaru |n.cmpd.| (Kanohi) splitting, lit. "intending to reflect beings" [angaru < an-gavi-ru, from ān “being, individual”, gavi "reflection; variation" and ru "orientation; oriented toward; intention"]

Aponica |n.cmpd.| lit. "She of the North (steady) Star" [aponica < ai-po-niki-ka, from ai "he/she/it", po "elemental stone", niki "(individual) star", and ka "power, force, ability"] character of PsionicSniper

Ara(i) |vn.| striving, struggling; climbing [arai < a-ra-i, from the verbal complex ra-ya "to strive, struggle; climb" with splitting+displacement of the verbal particle ya]

Arkahna |n.cmpd.| (Kanohi) tension, lit. "hidden application of force" [arkahna < ar-ka-nua-a, from the split particle ār (ar...a) “applied, application (of)”, ka "power, force, ability", and nua "hidden, unseen, secret"]

Avarax |n.cmpd.| 1. (archaic) greater than light, lit. "application of command to light"; 2. (modern) humbled by light, lit. "application of light's superior command" [avarax < avo-ar-rex, from avo "elemental light", ār "applied, application (of)" and rex "superior command, upper echelon" (variant of orix)] character of Llortor

Avganae |n.cmpd.| lit. "light of the waves" [avganae < av-ganae, from av "elemental light" (variant of avo) and ganae "waves, lit. 'proliferating water'"]

Boju |n.cmpd.| sprout, sapling [boju < bo-ju from bo "elemental plantlife", and ju "weakened"]

Damir |n.cmpd.| engineer, lit. "oriented toward engineering/organization" [damir < dami-ir, from dami "organization; engineering" and ru "orientation; oriented toward; intention"] character of PsionicSniper

Eltanin |n.cmpd.| lit. "seeker of heavenly courage/leadership" [eltanin < el-ta-ini-an, from el "finding, seeking/searching; detection, sense", ta "elemental fire", ini "star(s)", and an "being, individual"] character of Llortor

Irohka |n.cmpd.| highest ability/potential, lit. "on the edge of potential" [irohka < i-rho-ka, from the particle ī- “to, toward" (endpoint) rho "line, edge, boundary", ka "power, force, ability; ability, (creative) potential"]

Jotu |n.cmpd.| fine craftsmanship, lit. "result of strategy" [jotu < jo-tu, from  “strategy, tactics; pattern” and tu "spirit/essence; result of process". Variant forms: yotu]

Kife |n.cmpd.| risk-taker; assassin, lit. "biting iron" [kife < khi-fe, from khi “sharpness, harshness, biting” and fe "elemental iron"] character of Llortor

Kihore |n.cmpd.| (Kanohi) avarice, lit. "uncontrollable hunger for wholeness" [kihore < kē-vor-rei, from kē "wholeness; regeneration, restoration", vor "hunger, energy-draining", rei "wild, uncontrolled, violent" (Skakdi variant of rī)] mask from Llortor

Maggi |n.cmpd.| flood (informal) [maggie < mai-agai, from mai "up, upward, above" (variant of mi) and agai "elemental water" (variant of ga)]

Magahki |n.cmpd.| example, exemplar, lit. "measurement of rising importance" [magahki < mai-gar-hiki, from mai "up, upward, above" (variant of mi), gar "weight; importance", and hiki "piece/part/portion of something; measurement, extent"]

Nashiru |n.cmpd.| lit. "oriented toward the silence of the sea" [nashiru < ni-shai-ru, from  “(liquid) protodermis; sea, ocean”, shai “silence; mute, quiet” (variant of she), and ru "orientation; oriented toward; intention"]

Odetsuka |n.cmpd.| southern psionic power [odetsuka < odui-atu-su-ka, from odui "south (cardinal direction)" (variant of uduino), atu "mind, will",  “living, active” (variant of sau), and ka "power, force, ability"]

Ona |n.cmpd.| lit. "much stubbornness" [ona < one-na, from one "firm, steadfast; earthy, foundational" and na "many, multiple"] character of PsionicSniper

Onuku |n.cmpd.| foundation, lit. "central earth" [onuku < onu-uku, from onu "elemental earth" and uku "middle, in the midst of"]

Ourus |n.cmpd.| wanderer [ourus < a-rus, the verbal complex rus-ha "to roam" with splitting+displacement of the verbal particle ha]

Pakoi |n.cmpd.| power/energy sapper [pakoi < pi-ka-ui, from pi "agent, perpetrator; creature", ka "power, force, ability", and the possessive particle ui]

Pakoire |n.cmpd.| (Kanohi) imitation, lit. "snatcher of power" [pakoire < pakoi-rei, from pakoi "power/energy sapper" and rei "wild, uncontrolled, violent" (Skakdi variant of rī)] mask from Elphin-Zephyr

Rus-ha |v.| roam, lit. "ride freely" [from rus < ra-us, "free steed" and the verbal particle ha]

Savitar |n.cmpd.| (Kanohi) application of lightning [savitar < sa-vo-ta-ar, from sa "hungering, desiring", avo "elemental light" (variant of vo), ta "elemental fire", ār "applied, application (of)"] mask from LegoMetal44

Sladar |n.cmpd.| flatterer, lit. "application of pleasing empty noise" [sladar < se-la-de-ar, from se "empty, emptied out, drained" (variant of ze), la "good, excellent", de "elemental sonics", and ār "applied, application (of)"] character of PsionicSniper

Sureka |n.cmpd.| humility, lit. "not desiring power/ability" [surek < sa-uru-ka, from sa “hungering, desiring”, ūr(u) “un-, negative, not”, and ka "power, force, ability". Variant forms: Surek]

Tabaris |n.cmpd.| haunted by the past, lit. "spirit of a weighty home" [tabaris < ta-ba-reis, from ta "spirit, being, essence", ba "elemental gravity", reis "home, nest, safe place" (-s modified form of rei)] character of Sir-Iggs

Tamaya |n.cmpd.| optimist, lit. "rising spirit" [tamaya < ta-maiya, from  ta "spirit, being, essence" and the verbal complex mai-ya "to rise"] character of PsionicSniper

Thaera |vn.| wrestling, lit. "struggling fiercely" [thaera < tah-ara, from tah "fierce, rash, brash" (variant of ta) and ara(i) "striving, struggling; climbing"]

Virse |n.cmpd.| silent scholar [virse < vhiso-or-sha, from vhiso "scholar", or "word, unit(s) of communication" and she "silence, muteness; whisper"]

Yotun |n.cmpd.| fine craftsman [yotun < yotu-an, from yotu "fine craftsmanship" (variant of jotu) and ān “being, individual”] character of Llortor
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