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EDIT: I'm taking a break from commissions for now. If I told you I'll make something for you, feel free to contact me and I'll try to wrap up. But I am not accepting any new commissions at this time. I don't know if I'll open them up again.

3D Commissions by 0nuku

Yes, it's here, after many, many requests, I think I'm ready to give this a try. Do you want your own 3D Printed Custom Mask designed by me? Have you ever wanted to hold something you've been drawing on paper for months to complete your self-MOC? Trust me, there is nothing like that feeling, and now, I can make it a reality for you.

Why Now?

Well, as I mentioned in a previous note, I'm currently looking for a summer job to prepare for college in the fall. Frankly, I haven't had much luck yet and my bank account won't last much longer. Plus, school is over for now and I'm finishing up what projects and commissions I had going. So I've got some spare time and a need for cash, so let's do this.

What can I order?

While I am primarily a mask forger, I'm willing to branch out into weapons and custom parts this time around. Kanohi, staff heads, chestplates, they're all fair game. With my last few designs, I've also got a good handling on G2 and other connections for masks as well. I would like to keep it Bionicle/Lego related, but let me know if you have another idea and we can work something out.

But... how much is it going to cost?

Custom Kanohi Design: $50
Custom Part: ~$30
(depending on complexity)
Other: Please discuss
Insufficient Reference Images: +$10
Model for Yourself: +$5

Why so expensive?!

Commission prices are a bit of a topic in the artist community. It's hard to find that balance where people will buy it and yet the artist actually makes it worth their time. These 3D masks are the culmination of over three years of practice, countless hours of work, and a good helping of design work. Each design I make has taken at least five hours of modeling, not to mention the costs of prototyping to ensure they fit. Each design also comes with a guarantee that if it doesn't fit, I will fix the model and send it to you for free.

How can I contact you?

You can send a message/comment my way on any of my various sites.
(Only use Tumblr if you can't contact me any other way. I may not see it for a while)

What should I say?

When you message me, be sure to leave me with your name and preferred method of contact (otherwise I'll just reply to your message).
Let me know what kind of part you would like designed and what you would like it to fit over/into.
(While I can design a mask from description alone, it will cost you extra. "Kinda like this picture" or "This design" will not count as reference images. The more angles you can get me, the better I can represent your design.)
We can then go on to discuss the finer details such as pricing and any other information I need before modeling. I will stay in close contact with you to ensure the model progresses as you desire.

What are the rules?

  1. I'm primarily a Lego/Bionicle artist, and so that's mostly what I expect here. However, if you want me to try something new, I'm open to it. However, I will not be doing anything with nudity, sexual themes, vulgarity, etc.
  2. Keep in mind that I have other things to do in my life, and as much as I would love to model all day, these commissions can take time. Sorry. If I start feeling swamped, I'll close commissions down again.
  3. I reserve the right to adjust pricing based on the amount of time required. Basically, if you think your Bionicle scale model of the Stargate is worth $20, we need to talk. This is just here in order to protect me from dumping ridiculous amounts of time in for little payment, and I will not adjust pricing without consulting you first.
  4. After the commission is complete, I'll show you a final render and provide payment information. Paypal is preferred.
  5. Once payment has been received, the model will be uploaded to my Shapeways store for you and others to purchase. Please let me know if this will be a problem, and we can work something out.
  6. Some commissioners have asked for the printable model for their own use. Should you ask for this, be advised there is a $5 fee per model which roughly covers the cost of two prints for me.
  7. Should I reach out to the commissioner and receive no reply for 30 days, the commission will be cancelled.
© 2017 - 2021 0nuku
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Toalumnious's avatar

Hi I got a mask request and I've drew a Kanohi Avohkii Nuva and I hope your back up and running again. I'm planning make my own Toa of Light OC please.

Dannytheguardian's avatar
hello there, is this still on 
0nuku's avatar
Always, though I'll warn you I'm running a little behind. If you're interested, go ahead and send me a message.
Dannytheguardian's avatar
Well, maybe after this month sure, ill have money though Xmas and birthday
Metalknightrider's avatar
how does the tv series stargate get in the rules
0nuku's avatar
I dunno, it was a random example.
Metalknightrider's avatar
was thinking a mask of ultimate power but not the one they went with
or a new mask of light
0nuku's avatar
Could be interesting. Let me know when you're ready!
Matteo-T-I-F's avatar
Part of me kinda wonders what a custom mask for Matteo or another plague doctor would look like, but then the other part of me is like "Does he really need it? Do I really need that? I could just figure it out with Lego." But part of me wants to support you, but then the other part of me is poor as fuck right now. :lmao:

I hope this goes well for you Tyler, and maybe if I'm not so poor I can't pay attention, I'll consider it. I've definitely thought about what could be done in terms of "Bionicle plague doctor masks" and it'd certainly be an interesting cross section to explore.

I look forward to seeing your designs. :D
0nuku's avatar
Huh, that would be interesting. Definitely a different direction than I've ever gone for. It would add a bit more diversity to the doctors.
BionicleLover's avatar
Greetings! I can only assume, it currently being 2018, where this was posted in 2017, that this commissioning timeframe is over. However, I have to ask... How good are you at rigging/3d-modelling/rendering movie-style versions of pre-existing kanohi? I've been dying to see a Kanohi Kualsi (Mask of Quick Travel, most notably worn by Toa Hagah Iruni in his heyday,) reimagined in a more "movie-accurate" style, but it seems that no-one else has done any such thing. Trust me, I've scoured the web, and have turned up empty repeatedly. Hope you're doing well!
0nuku's avatar
No, you're just fine, I'd be happy to do something for you! I can't say I've done the movie style before, but I do have some experience in rigging and I think with some research I could get you what you'd like. 
0nuku's avatar
Just send me a message and we can get it worked out.
SheTheTDE's avatar
I have bionicle mask designs that I'd love to have physically. I'll have to upload them to my gallery so I can link them here.
0nuku's avatar
I'm curious to see them.
SheTheTDE's avatar
I'll try to scan them tomorrow. I was out all of today.

They're really different though. My idea is that these are one member from each of the enemy groups the toa have faced turned into toa with the aid of a half mask.
0nuku's avatar
Intriguing... can't wait to see them. If you want, you can submit them to my group, The Mask Makers, and hopefully we can get some modelers looking at them.
SheTheTDE's avatar
oh yes I will totally do that!
Kaiborg101's avatar
Hmmm... now while I do have interest in this I do have a few questions.

1. Are these prices still the same as posted here or have they been changed to $40 as shown on the points commission that you put up?

2. By custom mask do you mean custom design in itself or any kind of modification to any mask, canon or otherwise?

3. Is there a take/shipping and handling cost and how much is it?

4. If one wanted an enlarged mask( such as 2008 Takanuva’s mask size) would references (besides pictures of the standard mask) still be required?

5. Can we get them coloured and what colours are available if so?

Thanks! If I have any other questions I’ll put em up!
0nuku's avatar
1. Oh shoot, I need to fix that. DA's point system had me all messed up. Yes, they're still $50

2. Either/or. I can make an existing mask, add any modifications, or start from scratch. I've done all three many times.

3. Once I finish the design, I post it to Shapeways for you to order. Usually the mask costs $7-10 based on volume, and then shipping in the US is another $5. In Europe, it might be a bit pricier though...

4. Well if you just want a titan-sized version of an existing mask, I think I can find everything I need ;)

5. I recommend Strong and Flexible plastic, and you can see the colors Shapeways offers here, but if you want you can do metals or acrylics as well.
Kaiborg101's avatar
Ah, thanks! Glad to hear you feel you can find everything needed for a Titan sized mask! That’ll definetly be useful!
Too bad about the potential added priceness and Deviantart messing up (the points system is an odd one.) Welp, ima just see what happens then once I get around to it!

Well, looks like I can commission something pretty soon but not buy it, for a little bit that is.

(‘Mild’ hint is that this is for my revamped self moc. =P)
0nuku's avatar
No rush, I'll be around.
Kaiborg101's avatar
Ummm... actually check my last statement, it apparently costs me around $70 to buy 4000 points... so do you perhaps have any other way of payment you could link to me?
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