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The Kanohi Arcana Gets a Redux...



Ever since my initial concept for Toa Onuku began... I don't even know how long ago, I've given him a similar Kanohi design which I have dubbed the Kanohi Arcana, the Mask of Stress Detection. Its powers function similar to what you would see in a bridge builder game, and the user is able to see where the greatest stress lies on a structure. Skilled users can even pinpoint footsteps in the dark.

But even when I first drew it, I was never quite satisfied with the design. It was too smooth to fit in with most masks. I've given it a few tries to make it more complicated, but was still never happy. As I've been working on it once more, I looked back on all the inspiration for the design, and I thought it would be fun to share.

On the far left is one of my first Bionicle drawings. Judging by the parts used, I think it would be around 2006. I've... improved a lot in eight years. :P The launcher arm is a fun concept I keep going back to, though, and I hope to do one of those "Draw This Again" Memes around his Toa team.

The next concept was from... 2010? In looking back through old drawings, I came across "Toa Stoken" and gave his mask another go for my epic "The Lost 36." That was also the first appearance of Toa Onuku pretty much as you see him today. I also put together a Powerpoint vector design for Bonesiii's Expanded Multiverse.

After spending some fruitless time trying to add detail to the smooth face, the fourth concept is what I came up with. Still wasn't quite happy. About this time, I also gave it my first attempt to try 3D modelling and printing it for his MOC. I got most of it done, but never quite finished.

And last of all are the sketches I did today. Using a combination of old and new, previous concepts and new design, Bionicle G1 and G2 Concept art, I drastically redid the design, still keeping a few key elements. I think I might try 3D printing it again. What do you guys think?
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You should definitely continue! I love the Mask Power, and I can already imagine incidents where it would come in handy. It's quite fitting for a Toa of Stone, aswell, knowing their knack for carving statues.
I very much enjoy the upper left hand corner design, even though it looks kind of baby faced (perhaps it could be the Powerless Matoran variant?). I'm also quite fond of the lower left hand corner design. The jutting out brow really favors Onewa's Komau. I really think you should keep going with this, you could make something awesome!