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Kanohi Arkahna



Kanohi Arkahna, Mask of Tension. Allows the user to visualize the stress and compression of objects within their view. Example usages include analyzing a structure for weak points or even locating footsteps in a darkened room. The mask of Toa Hagah Onuku.

You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this moment, but my goodness, was it worth it. It's beautiful, completely and utterly beautiful. I can't wait to get it printed and stuck on Toa Onuku!

Based on the concept art, which I would recommend checking out just because this mask has a bit of a history. I've been waiting literally years to get it finalized and printed, and it's had plenty of iterations.
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OH!! Dude, I have on of these masks from you. I like how it looks, but It kinda dosn't fid on my OC's face. Thats ok thou