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Freya's Kanohi Crast



Timelapse Here!

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"Kanohi Crast, Mask of Repulsion. Allows its user to repel other objects for offense or defense; the target cannot touch the user and is flung away with considerable force. The user can also achieve limited flight by repelling the ground. Toa would not normally wear this mask because they feel its power to repel nature itself is immoral."​

Another mask designed for my personal use, this was based on a concept from Scorpion-Strike that was modified for my character Freya, an amputee Toa of Crystal who uses her element to create artificial limbs for herself after she was punished by her ruthless sister, Queen Diana of the Shining City.

Unlike most masks I've done, however, I was requested by a friend of mine to create a timelapse of the modeling process, so you can essentially consider this part 2 of my How to Model Kanohi in Blender series.
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Looks a lot better than my version XD