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Corpus Rahkshi - Hoto



This is Hoto, another character of mine from Corpus Rahkshi. She's a blind Rahkshi of Dodge who uses a combination of her powers and a sort of echolocation to get around. Here she is, depicted performing one of her favorite activities: running through the halls of the Academy at top speed, relying on her Dodge powers to not hit anything.

This is also my first attempt at doing something with realistic shading and no linework. I've had enough art classes to have a pretty good idea of how light works, but realistic shading is such a pain to do (I don't know how many hours this took, but I'd say somewhere around 12-15). It would be great to get some feedback from those who are more experienced. If there was one thing I regret, it would be doing it at such a small size, and in the future, I will make them bigger.

Hoto was hatched blind, but her "father" Makuta allowed her to live as an experiment to test how the new, more intelligent Kraata would adapt. Outside of the hatching chamber, she met Fang, who helped her modify her armor to implement a system to make her joints click as she moves, allowing her to "see" with echolocation. The travelling group she left with abandoned her on the way to the Academy, and she has spent a long time trying to find her way, encountering many things along her travels. She's generally upbeat and fun-loving, never allowing her disability to get in her way, but she can be emotional when under stress.
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you might want to check your form and perspective on the back armor shell. otherwise, great job.