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Corpus Rahkshi: Fang and Tube



IAmUltronSix recently started up a fantastic text-based RPG on BZPower called "Corpus Rahkshi." In the game, Kraata are becoming smarter (for no reason apparent to the Brotherhood of Makuta), and developing personalities. The Makuta put all the new Rahkshi into what equates to a high school to watch what happens. There's assignments ("assassinate" a fellow student and ruin Christmas so far), factions ("Phogen's Heroes" is by far the most prominent), and lots of fun characters.

Here's two of my characters I doodled up and quickly colored in. On the left is Fang, a Rahkshi of Plasma who has decided he doesn't like what's going on at the school and tries to get in the way every chance he gets. As seen by the headplate charred by a Lightblaster, he doesn't usually think things through and usually fails. He's cold and distant most of the time, but when he gets angry, he can be fierce and unrelenting. He wields a modified heat-resistant broadsword he nicknamed "Venom" that he channels his Plasma abilities through to help it melt through most substances, including Rahkshi armor.

On the right is Tube, a natural follower. They've decided they are utterly useless and defenseless on their own (being a Rahkshi of Slow, that's fairly reasonable), so they bond to the first "evil mastermind" they find with unfailing devotion. Currently, they are serving Chekquars, a Rahkshi of Darkness and "Mastermind-in-Training." Tube is excitable and naive, and a bit thick at times, but they will do anything they can, including die, to serve their master. They wield a home-made mace that is constantly falling apart.

My last character, Hoto, a blind Rahkshi of Dodge, is still being worked on, but I can assure you, she is looking beautiful! 
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These are awesome :D Great representations of the Corp characters.