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Commission: Mask of Mutation



"Mask of Mutation, Allows its user to mutate or undo mutations to another living being permanently. The user can also give powers with the mutations. However, the Mask of Mutation cannot be used to mutate the user. Worn by Makuta Miserix."

Another $50 commission for BrianK2355 intending to recreate the mask of Makuta Miserix in its default form. Like the Kanohi Kraahkan of 2003, this mask features two faces, the crowned Makuta or the savage beast.

Order on Shapeways here! And if you want a commission for yourself, be sure to check out my Journal to get all the information on how you can get your own designs 3D printed!
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Hello mate I was looking at this design and I was thinking What is the Second face locatet