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Commission: Kanohi Pakoire



The Kanohi Pakoire, Mask of Imitation, allows a user to mimic the mask of another being and take on its powers for a limited time. A mask designed by Flickr User The Mask Jacker for his self-MOC, Makuta Blackwing, and commissioned from me for $50. I took some liberties based on the way I drew it for another commission. Order it on Shapeways!

And if you want a commission for yourself, be sure to check out my Journal to get all the information on how you can get your own designs 3D printed!
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Asking both 0nuku and Elphin-Zephyr :

I really like how this one and other Kanohi (0nuku made) look and I would like to use them in my canon. Problem is that I'm associating them to different powers and/or characters than the ones they were intended for, which surely might not sit well with the original authors.
For example, I feel this could be a fantastic looking alternate version of G2 Makuta's Mask of Control in my continuity. But it is Elphin's Mask and that's not the power he wants that Mask to have.

I'm asking if you guys would be fine with me doing this, on the off chance I might publish some stuff that fits my continuity in the future. An example would be a Makuta MOC that uses the Pakoire, with the description stating that he's actually wearing a Mask of Control. I would always, of course, give due credit to the original authors and state that that is only my personal interpretation of the Mask and its powers.

If you happen to not like this, I would have no problems refraining from publishing my interpretation. I dislike trampling other people's visions and I would never do anything that remotely resembles such behaviour. Sorry for the long comment.