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Commission: Kalikiki's Mask of Binding



"Mask of Binding, Allows the user to intertwine souls with another being to impress their own mental and physical experiences onto them for a short time. Worn by Toa Kalikiki." [Source]

Well, I knew it had to come someday, and I guess today is the day. :devLegoMetal44: (commissioner of the Kanohi Savitar) commissioned Blue-Bagel's (formerly KaibaGal) Kalikiki mask as a Secret Santa present. Now you can order the ever popular mask for yourselves! As many people use Gali's 2015 mask or a Protector mask for their MOCs of her, I designed this mask to fit the G2 heads.

Order now on Shapeways, and if you want a commission for yourself, be sure to check out my Journal to get all the information on how you can get your own designs 3D printed!
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Just a little update on the mask power to expand it a little:

Allows the wearer to bind themselves to another being they are in physical contact with and impress their mental and physical experiences on them for a very short time. This comes at an energy cost or gain equal to the intensity of the experience, negative experiences draining the user and positive experiences energising them.
Projecting physical experiences requires the wearer to be under the same physical experience themselves, such as having an injury. Likewise, projecting mental experiences requires the wearer to focus on the emotion they are trying to project.
If the experience the wearer is trying to project has a greater effect on the self [example. a grave injury, euphoric emotions], it'll have a greater effect on the reciever and this amplifies the energy cost or gain.
Physical contact includes the use of a conduit or proxy that connects the wearer and reciever, such as a weapon.
Rarely, thoughts or memories from the wearer may transfer to the reciever if the experience the wearer is trying to transmit is associated with that particular thought or memory.