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Aegir Blade



My second weapon commission and another one for my friend Llortor, this time a Toa Tool for his OC Yotun. The Aegir Blade once belonged to a tribe of Skakdi surviving in a frozen waste. Yotun found himself among them and, after one of them saved his life, he trained with them for a time. He returned to Metru Nui quiet, yet strong, and with a survival dagger. When he became a Toa, it transformed with him, but retained its wire stripper guard and a flint striker along the back.

Order it on Shapeways now! And if you want a commission for yourself, be sure to check out my Journal to get all the information on how you can get your own designs 3D printed!
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I love this design! It looks like a sword that I used to use in practice when I was in college!