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Project 4.2: The Others

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Okay, I lied. I might as well put up what I have, because after this, we'll have our final projects to work on, so chances are I won't be able to come back to it anytime soon. Anyways. Have a Jason, Artemis, Merrick, and Yami with glasses. Because why not. 

Although, funny/frustrating story behind this... This project is actually an artist mentorship... thing. Basically you pick an artist you like and you do a study of their work - be it compositional style, colour, whatever - and then you do an original piece heavily influenced by their work. I chose Kazuya Minekura, because I absolutely adore her stuff, and this was my study piece, focusing on various bits and pieces of her drawing style such as the way she does eyes, mouths, etc... And I did this up going off of the project description that the prof gave us. I figured it was supposed to be a relatively serious study.

Now, my piece is late, so I got a chance to see other presentations before submitting my own, and after all the time and effort I went to, drawing 4 full heads, adding colour, and then partially shading them, I sat there in class, looking at stuff done by the other students... and most of them were the bare minimum. Maybe a scribble of some eyes. A quick reproduction of a very, very simple piece. And the professor is basically only giving marks on whether or not we DID a study. Not the quality. Not the colour. Just whether or not we did the fecking thing. Didn't even want a copy to grade. So I'm sitting there after pouring way more time into this than was obviously needed, knowing full and well that I still had a massive original piece to do, and omfg... I have never been so close to pulling a literal tableflip in my life. Or repeatedly beating my head into the table. Bloody hell. I could've saved myself HOURS and HOURS by just doing one fecking head, instead of what sounded like an actual reproduction of one or more pieces. So project 4.1? Yeah. That was a mad scramble and something like four days straight of sitting at my computer or drafting table for easily six hours straight at a time, just so I could get it done in time for my extended deadline. Because of the time I essentially wasted on this.   

This is what I get for reading into things too much and being a perfectionist. :grump:

... good goddamn thing it actually turned out half-decent overall, otherwise I would be really pissed.

Jason, Artemis, Merrick (C) 0nen
Yami, as always (C) Pheeny 
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