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Metal Bat vs Jotaro Kujo (Complete) by 0mura2

There are those who can create plans to outsmart their enemies. Strategies that require the most critical of thinking. There are those who need to use their minds before they can fight. These two....are not like anything I just said and described~ Nope, these two are just the kind of people you'd see throw the idea of thinking right out the window, and rather beat down anything that they don't like.

Like Metal Bat, Ranked 16 S-Class Hero

And Jotaro Kujo, the Delinquent of the JoJo family.

I'm Marcus, aka the intern, and because none of the other hosts are here, I guess it's my job to analyze their weapons, skills and abilities to find out who would win, a death battle.

F17bcb84321904a0b72bbf86752292ee1392792373 Full by 0mura2


Jotaro Kujo
AKA: Jotaro Cujoh, JoJo, Heritage of the Future, The Third Joestar
Occupation: High School Student, Marine Biologist (Adulthood)
Age: 17 (Stardust Crusaders), 28 (Diamond is Unbreakable), 40 (Stone Ocean)
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 180lbs
Stand: Star Platinum/Star Platinum The World
First Appearance: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (1989)

-Casually took down a group of gang members when his Stand first awoke
-Battled and defeated several Stand users across Asia, using a combination of his guile cunning and brute force to win
-Outwitted and drove master gamblers, the D'Arby Brothers, into crazed panicking using his own intelligence and trickery
-When reverted back as a child and losing his Stand, simply beat up the guy who turned him into a child with relative ease
-Tanked several throwing knives, a sword stab into his gut, several punches from the massively powerful The World, being crushed by a steamroller, surviving the explosion that ensued afterwards, and a coma after having his Stand removed from himself
-Destroyed the teeth of a Stand, which were as strong as diamonds
-Later destroyed a diamond by punching at it until it broke apart
-Battled and defeated both Dio Brando and Yoshikage Kira, who respectively possesses two of the most powerful Stands in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
-In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle, Jotaro held his own against the JoJo Universe strongest, including Stand users with more powerful Stands and even ancient beings from the dawn of time (Non-Canon)
-In crossovers with Shonen Jump, Jotaro held his own against other Shonen Jump Heroes such as Naruto Uzumaki, Monkey D. Luffy, Ichigo Kurosaki, Kenshiro, and even Son Goku (Non-Canon)

Jotaro Kujo is the third in the line of a long bizarre family tree known as the Joestar Family. Jotaro was your everyday punk/delinquent in Japan. The kind that would punch gang members, bullies, or people he just didn't like. Everything seemed fin as he lived with his mother Holy Kujo, but with every member of the Joestar family, fate obviously had other plans for Jotaro.

When Jotaro was 17 year's old, he was attacked by a gang, brandishing knives, nunchuks, all with the intent of making the delinquent miserable, but sadly, the result wasn't what they expected. The gang members were all beat up and sent straight to the hospital.

Naturally, Jotaro would be the responsible teenager he was, and claim it was all self defense and everything would be fine.

......Except it wasn't as he told everyone it was an evil spirit, and was then thrown into a prison cell for good measure. Smart job there kid. But it wasn't all bad, as his grandfather Joseph Joestar visited him with his mother and a friend of Joseph's named Avdol came to Jotaro to tell him about his newest gift.

Sddefault By Madnessabe-d8udx60 by 0mura2

Stand User Abilities
-Can casually knock out adult men with a few punches
-Even as a child, possessed enough strength to take down a grown man
-Strength can be enhanced by tapping into Stand's power
-Speed can be enhanced by tapping into Stand's power
Jotaro Kujo  Chapter 198  By Madnessabe-d8udx62 by 0mura2


-Tanked several throwing knives impaling his body
-Took a stab from the Stand possessed sword Anubis to his gut
-Survived getting crushed by a steamroller that exploded soon afterwards
-Tanked several bullets, falls from large heights, and airplane crashes
Gliding/Levitation/Super Jumping
-Done by tapping into Stand's power
-Used to fight Dio Brando in the air and travel quickly
Enhancement of Physicality
-Taps into his Stand's power to enhance his physicality (senses and body usually)

Before we can really get to the special part, let's talk about the man himself. Jotaro's frame isn't just for show, as the big guy can dish out as many hits as he can take them. Even without his stand, he's shown to be capable of beating regular goons all on his own. If he ever needs that extra push though, by tapping into his enhanced physical abilities, he can knock out men in one punch. When Jotaro was turned into a child by another stand user, he was shown to still be strong enough to defeat a man much older then he was. I always wonder what they feed kids his age.

Not to mention, Jotaro is one tough as nails son of a gun, as he can endure having knives thrown at him, along with DIO's stand The World's punches, and top it all off, having a steamroller drop on top of him and explode. Apparently teenagers in Japan are made of adamantium.....after taking lots of steroids. 

And for his size, Jotaro's shown to be quick on his feet, being able to dodge attacks from stands faster then he is and has shown to have heightened reflexes compared to others, being able to dodge attacks most humans wouldn't be able to see. And though he's not as strategic as his good old grandpa Joseph, Jotaro still knows how to make quick plans whenever he needs to, such as how he was able to fool Dio himself into thinking he was dead and using a magnet to attack Dio when time was completely frozen. 

And when all else fails, Jotaro relies on the Joestar line's secret family technique....and that's, RUNNING AWAY!!!!! But actually though, this is for Jotaro to fool his opponents while he gets the chance to rethink his strategy and giving himself a small amount of time to recuperate. 

Skills and Abilities

Skilled Brawler
-Fighting Style combines brute force with intelligent strategies
-Goes for pragmatic and brutal attacks, exploiting every advantage he has
Skilled Tactician
-Not nearly as good as his grandfather
-Able to make improvised plans on the fly
-Tricked the D'Arby Brothers into thinking he had the upper hand
-Tricked Dio Brando with a magnet and faking his death
Stoic, Levelheaded Appearance at all times
Knowledge of Stands and their Strengths/Weaknesses
Marine Biologist

"The Joestar Secret Technique"
-Learned and borrowed from his grandfather
-Gives the illusion of running away, when in fact is used to make another strategy

13985366290069 By Madnessabe-d8h9o7r by 0mura2
Star Platinum The World by 0mura2

Star Platinum/Star Platinum The World 
Strength/Destructive Power: A (Excellent)
-Strong enough to lift a fully loaded jeep and an 18-wheeler with one arm
-Can rip and throw a large stone building 
-Can punch a giant diamond into pieces
*Strength is calculated at Class GJ (Gigajoule-level force, akin to many tons of TNT in force. Strong enough to destroy buildings or low end multi city blocks)

Speed: A (Excellent)
-Star Platinum can move and react at FTL speeds
-Can throw thousands of powerful punches within seconds
-Easily caught a bullet at point blank range that Jotaro fired at himself
Range: C 
-Has an effective range of 2 meters
Durability: A (Excellent) -> E (Poor)
-Can tank several projectile attacks and powerful blows from Stands
-Tanked The World's stronger punches and an exploding steamroller
-Durability has weakened due to the mastery of a certain technique
Precision: A (Excellent) -> C (Average)
-Can see greater details within a blurry image
-Can easily catch bullets at point blank range
-Can remove things from bodies with surgical accuracy 
-Has all but mastered his Stand by the time of Stone Ocean, leaving little room for improvement
Developmental Potential: A (Excellent)
Innate Ability to protect Jotaro from harm at any moment

Now we get to the best part you've been waiting for. While the past two generations of the Joestar line used the Hamon technique's to combat their enemies, Hamon could only last so long before the enemies started to change. As such, while the enemies changed, so did the Joestar's, starting with Jotaro who gained the ability to use a Stand.

What is a Stand? Stands are the spiritual beings that reside within a being, when unlocked, they act as guardian spirits for their users, always staying near them at all times. Each stand acts differently from the other, and with their abilities, they can empower, fight for, or protect their user, either involuntarily, or on purpose. And Star Platinum is Jotaro's stand, it's abilities compared to a normal human beings are dramatically different.

From it's strength, to it's precision and speed, Star Platinum 'stands', no pun intended, as one of the best stands in all of the JoJo series. It's been shown to be strong enough to destroy structures as hard as diamond, it's speed can reach FTL movements as he can throw thousand's of punches, and that's just per second. The durability of Star Platinum is nothing to look down on either, as it can tank attacks from even more powerful stands then itself, even withstanding Dio's signature Road Roller attack. And with it's precision, it can catch attacks that would kill Jotaro from point blank range.

Though his durability and precision drop dramatically when Jotaro uses Star Platinum's alternate form, Star Platinum The World. His stand attained this form from mastering his time stop ability, speaking of which~

Starfinger By Madnessabe-d8h9o7a by 0mura2

Star Finger
-Can extend its index and middle fingers outward to strike an opponent from a distance
-Can pierce through enemies in this manner
-Can also extend its own arms as well

Starplatinumjustice By Madnessabe-d8h9o6v by 0mura2

Super Breath
-Superman-esque breathing to suck in opponents closer to itself
-Once used to suck up an entire Stand into itself
Can shrink in size
-Uses a lot of energy to perform

Time Stop

-Stops all time and movement in the entire world 
-5 second duration period
-Time Stop reaches into outer space

Buuuut wait, there's more~ Star Platinum's has a few special moves up it's non-existent sleeves to match all of it's stats, one of it's abilities is known as the Star Finger, Star Platinum can stretch it's index and middle finger to pierce and attack opponents from a distance, and this goes for using it's own arms as well. 

It can also mimic a very famous superhero's signature moves, by breathing in so hard that it can actually pull enemies into it's range. And if Jotaro ever needs it to, Star Platinum can shrink in size to catch opponents off guard, the biggest problem is that this technique requires a lot of energy from Jotaro in order to use it.

Of course his greatest technique comes in the form Jotaro's signature Time Stop ability, which he discovered in his fight against' Dio himself. The name of the ability is at it's implied, Jotaro can stop time and all forms of movement around him for a maximum of five seconds. Jotaro himself though can move freely, giving him the chance to do as much damage as he can to his opponent before time resumes, as he can only use this technique for 5 seconds. But upon improving this technique and Star Platinum changing into Star Platinum The World, he can extend the time of his time stop.

Chap258 Scan0013 By Madnessabe-d8udx64 by 0mura2

Lacks much physical fighting skill and technique
Damage dealt to Star Platinum is reflected on Jotaro, and vice versa
Star Platinum has incredible durability, but Star Platinum The World does not
Weakens if it moves out of its 2 meter range, requiring being by Jotaro at all times
Time Stop also stops his heart and puts great strain on him, preventing excessive spamming 
-Has mastered the technique to have a brief 'cooldown' period between uses
-One may become immune to time stop by having the knowledge of the time stop and understanding its concept
Still very much mortal and capable of dying

For as much of a beefcake and as tough and stubborn as Jotaro is, he's still only human. He can still be stabbed, shot, and killed like anyone else. Jotaro himself isn't much of a fighter, as most of his fighting technique's consist of punching and kicking someone until they stop. And for as durable as Star Platinum is, the biggest problem comes in the form of all the damage the Stand itself takes, if Star Platinum were to be injured during battle, the damage would also be reflected on Jotaro himself, the same is said for the opposite, if Jotaro were to lose any of his limbs, his stand would reflect that damage as well.

Star Platinum also needs to be near Jotaro at all times cause if it isn't, it loses a lot of it's power. And the biggest problem that Jotaro faces is his own trump card, his ability to stop time. Whenever Jotaro uses it, it actually stops the beat of his heart as well, putting a gigantic strain on Jotaro, thus, preventing him from spamming it as often as his rival Dio does.

But even with all that, Jotaro was never one to back down from a challenge, and even with his weaknesses, he'd continue fighting and making sure that all bastards like Dio would pay, because that's just how the muscle of the Stardust Crusaders rolls, proving that he is very much worthy of the Joestar bloodline. 

(Jotaro Kujo: Yare Yare Daze....)


Metal Bat by 0mura2

Metal Bat of Onepunch-Man
Alias: Big brother, S-Class Hero, Rank 16
Height: 168 cm
Weight: ???
Age: 17
Species: Human
Occupation: S-Class Hero, Big Brother
Appearances: Onepunch-Man

-One of the few heroes that could handle Dragon-Class Threats, being just below Bang and seemingly toe to toe with Sweet Mask

-Worked his way up to the Heroes Association Ladder and became S-Class
-Was beating up one of Melzalgald's bodies and able to figure out its weakness
-Easily one-shotted the threats Human Bird Grass and Junior Centipede without much trouble
-Took out Rafflesidon and Senior Centipede when he began showing Fighting Spirit, both Demon-Class Threats
-Was facing Dragon-Class Threat Elder Centipede and implied that he was on even grounds
-Fought Garou and almost won, even after fighting all the above
-NeedlePoint Mouse, another Dragon-Class Threat was assumed to be something even he could beat
-Supported by his claims of he could take on a Dragon-Class Threat

There is a mystery that surrounds a lot of the S-Class heroes, what are their personal lives like? How did they start out? Where did they come from? All these question are asked but we're not given much in terms of answers for most of them. But all we know is, these heroes aren't just S-Class for their looks, they're the best of the best because of their abilities.

Which is most evident in my personal favorite S-Class hero, Metal Bat. Like I said before, we don't know much of Metal Bat's past, but what we do know is that this delinquent won't be satisfied with just beating you up if you piss him off, he's going to make sure to bash your skull until nothing's left. Of course there is one thing that is most evident about Metal Bat, and that's the fact that he's a very caring older brother to his little sister Zenko, always taking her feelings into consideration, especially when he's out on missions.

He's taken on threats much bigger then he was on a daily basis, considering being a superhero is his day job, as he can fight demon level threats without any issue, and these are monsters known for killing humans in one hit. And has stated he can take on and defeat Dragon level threats, which are the kinds of monsters you'd see tearing up a city without any effort. He even proved to be a match for Garou, the hero hunter even after all the fights he had before hand.

Metal Bat Power by 0mura2


- Can one-shot Tiger-Class enemies
- Can be enhanced by fighting spirit
-- Strength could be enough to lift multiple cars and create small fissures
- When enhanced can take out Demon-Class Threats
- Could harm Dragon Class Threats, presumably since Melzalgald is around that level and Senior Centipede was harmed by that before
- Garou compared him to Tanktop Master, someone who could toss giant concrete blocks towards an enemy at the sky

0056.2-005 by 0mura2

- By scaling should be as fast as Genos or the others
- Fast enough to go toe to toe with various Demon and Dragon Class Threats
- At base value was slower than Garou
- Can be enhanced by fighting spirit

0056.2-007 by 0mura2

- Not even harmed by Tiger-Level opponents
- Able to take hits from Demon-Class opponents
-- Those are typically city level or higher
- Able to take a hit from Dragon-Class opponent, even stopping its attack
-- This was the same monster that was destroying the majority of a city
- Took hits from Garou
-- Described that even with all those 
- Was tossed from the other side of the city into the other, and was back up in moments

Like his opponent, Metal Bat can dish out as many hits as he can take them, as the hero's swings can one shot monsters that are much weaker then him, and even shown to do the same to demon class threats when his strength is enhanced, Garou even compared his strength to Tanktop master, who might I add, can lift a gigantic piece of rubble and throw it with the force of a mortar cannon. If we also compare his speed to characters like the other S-Class heroes, we can see that Metal Bat moves much faster then the average hero, keeping up with monsters much faster then he was.

Seriously, this guy's only 17 and he can pull off stuff like this, is he fed vibranium for breakfast and gamma radiation for lunch? 

Well that might actually be the case with all the punishment he can take, as tiger level monsters could barely faze him, and demon class monsters only make him more annoyed. And when faced with a dragon level threat, where he was thrown around and rammed through multiple buildings, where he was flung to the other side of the city, he got up a few seconds later like nothing happened. He even bashed his own face with his bat, most likely fracturing his own skull, but all it did was wake him up.

And after all that, even after ALL of that, he can still fight against Garou without any worry. As his durability reached a point where he could just tank Garou's hits and just attack him head on without any need to worry, in fact, the biggest thing about Metal Bat next to his durability, is his resistance to pain. Every single attack and durability feat mentioned, he never lets out so much of an 'ow' whenever he's hit, showing that he's willing to fight no matter how much damage he's taken.

0054-007 by 0mura2

Intelligence and Observation

- Smart and observant enough to notice Melzalgald's weaknesses
- Able to figure a way out to shake off a gas that nearly made him fall asleep
- Able to figure out Senior Centipede's Weakness
- Smart enough to try and attack Garou after feigning his defeat
- Was able to calculate how a manhole would bounce and able to nearly got an opponent get hit by it

Skills and item

0055.2-003 by 0mura2

Parkour and Climbing
- Able to easily climb up Elder Centipede's Body
Great Balance
- Remained steady on Senior Centipede's head without falling until he was attacked
Cyclone Bat
- Able to blow away a large amount of sleep gas

Metal Bat Mind Control Resistance by 0mura2

Mental Resilience
- Able to shrug off a sleeping powder
Blunt Weapon Mastery
- Very skilled with his bat
- Uses a metal bat as a primary weapon
- Seems to be family heirloom
- Very skilled with it, showing great experience

Despite his appearance, Metal Bat isn't just your typical 'hit things until they die.' delinquent. He's shown on multiple occasions that he's much smarter and more observant then your average brawler. He figured out the weakness of two very powerful monsters in an instant, immediately bashed himself with his own bat when he realized he was falling asleep, played possum so that he could defeat Garou, and has even shown to know the distance and trajectory a bouncing sewer head would go in order to tackle Garou into it.

His skills match a lot of his S-Class feats, as he's shown to be able to climb the back of Elder Centipede in mere seconds even when there was no surface for him to grab onto, his sense of balance even kept him on top of the monster right before he was attacked. 

Of course all of these feats all fall down to his signature weapon, which his hero name comes from, his steel baseball bat that he carries around him at all times. This weapon actually has a history to it, and it wasn't just something he picked up from his local sports store. The baseball bat is said to be a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation of heroes, so the title of Metal Bat actually comes from the weapon itself. Like a samurai, Metal Bat has shown that he's very experienced in handling his weapon, showing various technique's he's developed in possessing his weapon.

0056.2-009 by 0mura2


- The more damage he takes, the more powerful he gets
- Enhances his strength and speed each time he takes a hit
-- Should be capable of beating Garou with this ability alone if he hadn't taken so much damage

0055-004 by 0mura2

Killing Move Fighting Spirit - DRAGON THRASHING!
- Repeatedly whacks his bat over the same target
- Powerful enough to make a Dragon-Class Monster scream and use its own special attack

Garou facing Metal Bat's Savage Tornado by 0mura2

Killing Move Fighting Spirit - Savage Tornado
- Spins around with so much force to deal damage
- Almost like a tornado

But Metal Bat's greatest ability comes in the form of what he calls, his fighting spirit, this is actually an enhancement for Metal Bat's already great strength, speed and durability. This activates the more Metal Bat takes damage from others, as such, each of his stats increase respectively, hence why during his fight with Garou, he was still able to keep up with him and show he was still in fighting condition despite all the damage taken before hand.

And with his fighting spirit, Metal Bat has two signature moves as well, Fighting Spirit Dragon Thrashing is where Metal Bat uses his bat to beat on his opponent rapidly, this attack did enough damage to Elder Centipede that it got him to scream in pain. Fighting Spirit Savage Tornado has Metal Bat spinning at such rapid speeds, his attacks move fast enough to replicate a tornado and do damage to both his surroundings and his opponent.

Garou Chest Attack by 0mura2


- Needs to take damage for his ability to trigger
- Does not fight in front of Zenko, his little sister
-- His little sister will go to the nth degree in making sure her brother and his opponent stops fighting
- Very simple and direct style of fighting
-- Not effective against prediction based martial arts
- Even Fighting Spirit has limits

The fighting spirit sadly can only last so long, considering the only way he can really use it, is by taking damage himself, thus, making the ability of his very risky. And his own fighting style leaves a lot to be desired, as it can be easily countered by those who can predict and counter movements as simple as his own.

And above all else, Metal Bat will not fight in front of his little sister, whenever she's around, he knows he has an obligation to not show any violence right in front of her, hell, Zenko herself will make sure to stop both her brother and his opponent from fighting whenever she's around.

Let's get real though, if it's down to the wire, and some monster needs to be taken care of? Metal Bat won't hesitate to pick up his bat and teach that monster or person some manners.

(Metal Bat: All I need is some fighting' spirit and it'll all work out.)
I did it!! It's finally out!! My very first Prelude is here at last!!! Pleas enjoy friends, and tell me what you think.

Both of these characters belong to their authors and creators, so please support their official release.
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I side with Jotaro.
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