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Beowulf vs Kanji by 0mura2

There are all sorts of people in the world who always need a solution to getting out of any situation. For some, it's through their blade, others, with their wit, for these two? It's with their muscles, if the enemies want to get in their way? Then a punch to the face and kick to the stomach awaits for them.

With Beowulf the greatest wrestler in all of the Canopy Kingdom.

And Kanji Tatsumi, Inaba's professional punk and secret lover of all things cute.

I'm Marcus the intern, and it's my job to analyze their weapons abilities and skills, to find out who would win, a death battle.


Kanji By 0mura2-da95kru by 0mura2
Kanji Tatsumi
AKA: Moronji, The Blood-Curdling Beefcake Emperor
Age: 15
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 143 lbs
Arcana: The Emperor
First Appearance: Persona 4 (2008)

It just seems to be the thing in Japanese anime's, video games, or anything that has to take place in a high school in Japan, that you would get that one character who is tougher then everyone inside of it. The one character who seems to just have a time bomb waiting to go off in the case anyone were to piss him off. This is basically the case for one Kanji Tatsumi, who has built a reputation as Yasogami High School's toughest student.

Toughest from what at least everyone has seen from him as the people see a man who beats up anyone who pisses him off, sounds rather familiar....anyway while it looks like he's the toughest guy in the school, Kanji's the kind of guy who actually has a soft side to him. This soft side includes a love for sewing stuffed animals and making cute things, something he feels is his biggest secret. Well that, and the fact he's trying to deal with his own sexuality, something even he's not sure about.

Because of this, he finds himself doubting himself a lot, afraid, and even miserable at the idea of people rejecting him over his identity crisis, which gives Inaba's serial killer to push Kanji into the Midnight Channel, hoping to take the delinquent as his next victim. But with the Investigation Team, lead by Yu Narukami, coming to his aid, Kanji was saved, confronting his own fears and becoming all the better for it, as his friends accept the big guy, love of plushies and all.

P4A Kanji Story Mode by 0mura2
-Before meeting the Investigation Team, was a well known delinquent
-Took an entire biker gang with membership numbering in the double digits by himself, and won
-Was the first and only one to punch out his Shadow before coming in terms with it
-With help from Yu, overcame his securities and became stronger for it
-Helped the Investigation Team rescue other victims and find the real killer
-Along with Naoto, took down a Reaper, one of the series strongest Shadows
-Participated in the final battle against, Izanami, the true instigator of the mystery
-Accidentally stumbled into the Tournament and joined the Investigation Team and S.E.E.S., right after he beat up a good few people as he thought it was all a dream

There's a lot of stuff Kanji was known for, even before he was a part of the investigation team, like the fact that he could take on entire biker gangs and beat them all up. Okay, the parallels between this guy and Jotaro are getting a little too close for comfort. Well actually, while we're on the topic of Kanji being a BAMF, he was the only one to confront his shadow by giving his best I AM A MAN punch, and actually knocking it down. With his friends acceptance, Kanji was able to accept himself as well.

As he joined the investigation team, he was able to help them all by solving other cases occurring all around Inaba and eventually was able to save the day from Izanami. But the adventures didn't end for this bad boy, no sir, as it seems the weirdness was just getting started, as Kanji seemed to accidentally stumble into a fighting tournament being held by a shadow, another story for another time. While there, he found the rest of his friends who wondered how he even got there in the first place, Kanji, not exactly being a genius, assumes everything's a dream and beats the crap out of all his friends who just want to know what's happening.

Great guy.

Giphy by 0mura2
-Is tied with Chie Satonaka as the strongest member of the team
-Even before gaining his powers, easily punched street punks several feet in the air
-Destroyed numerous and large shadows with his fists alone
-Can easily match other Persona Users such as Chie, Akhito, Yu, etc
-Is able to damage powerful entities such as Izanami and Ameno-Sagiri
Giphy by 0mura2
-Even before gaining his powers, almost catches up to the Investigation Team
-Can keep up with Akihiko, Aigis, Labrys, and other persona users
-Has dodged high-calibur bullets
-Casually dodges cloud to ground lightning bolts
-Dodges elemental and energy blasts
I014 by 0mura2
-Is considered the tank of the party
-Next to Yu Narukami, has the highest durability of the Investigation Team
-Has survived elemental and energy blasts
-Has tanked high-calibur bullets from Shadows and Androids
-Tanked tremendous physical beatings from Shadows and Persona Users
-Took Aigis's flamethrowers as she went all out in Orgia mode and the only thing that happened was that he was knocked out, showing no signs of injury upon waking up
-Shook off attacks from powerful entities such as Izanami and Ameno-Sagiri

With the RPG logic to describe each character, Kanji would of course be the tank, being the slowest of the team but of course he compensates that by being the strongest and most durable. Now while I say he's the slowest, I just mean fighting wise, but actual running or dodge speed wise? He's actually pretty fast, as he's dodged bullets, elemental blasts, lightning bolts, and ran fast enough to keep up with a fleeing investigation team, who can run fast enough where a delivery girl riding a moped was needed to keep up.

But what really gives Kanji his title as number one delinquent is his sheer strength and durability. Whatever makes Kanji the tough guy that he is, is probably made of some pretty tough stuff, despite being a high schooler, he's taken on elemental attacks such as being burned by shadows or even Aigis who went all out on him while showing little to no damage, has pretty much no sold physical beatdowns coming from other persona users, and just straight up shook off attacks from the games final boss.

His strength is just as impressive as his durability, maybe even more so, as Kanji before he even got a Persona himself, he sent his shadow flying with one punch. Said shadow could tank a lot of the spells and attacks by Kanji's friends. Kanji could beat other shadows with said fists with ease, his fists not even wearing down despite hitting monsters that could tank super powered spells or attacks. But Kanji doesn't just use his fists, as he his own special weapons.

Weapons and Equipment:
P4u Kanji Portrait By Dynamo1212-da8mpgc by 0mura2
Folding Chair:
-Metal chair used to bash enemies or throw them when needed
-Can damage Shadows, Persona Users, Androids, etc....somehow
-Has an endless supply of them as he can pull out a completely new one if the one he uses breaks
2013 01 11 223205 Zps9bc506c2 By Dynamo1212-da8rng by 0mura2
Perun Plate:
-Loot derived from the Reaper itself
-Has and can do the most damage among all of Kanji's other weapons
-Confers a +20% to Electricity Damage

It's not conventional weapons for this guy, if you're going to fight monsters, you need to go straight forward and to the point, which is a steel chair. Said steel folding chair has the strength to damage androids and Shadows, whom have their own durability. But what's even crazier is that, well, Kanji seems to never run out of these chairs. It's not that he finds more of them, it's the fact he keeps an infinite supply of steel chairs stored in hammer space, so whenever he loses one, or the one he uses breaks from the amount of force he's using or is used to defending himself, he can just pull out a completely new one from his back.

But if need be and Kanji really needs to fight seriously, he uses the Pernun Plate, a magical steel plate that is Kanji's strongest weapon. A weapon that has the power to one shot the weaker shadows by just hitting them mainly due to the fact that the plate can do dish out the most damage among all of his weapons. But what makes this even more valuable to Kanji is the fact that it can boost the power of his electrical attacks by a good 20%.

Tatsumi.Kanji.full.979168 by 0mura2
Detective Skills:
-Can be surprisingly insightful
-Keeps the group focused on what they can control instead of what they can't
-Helped the Investigation Team solve the murders
-Surprised Naoto with his observations on the Frankenstein story
Kanji Tatsumi (Persona 4 Arena, Story Mode Illustr by 0mura2
Expert Knitter:
-His family works for a shop
-Crafted plenty of trinkets and clothes
-Offers to make gifts for the Investigation Team
Fight by 0mura2
Skilled Brawler:
-Even before fighting Shadows, he regularly fights street thugs and wins
-Fighting Style consists of heavy brawling and grappling
-No problem dealing with trained fighters like Akihiko Sanada and Tohru Adachi
-Was actually winning a lot of his fight against Aigis with little effort during the events of Persona 4 Aerna
--To be fair to Aigis, Kanji was manipulated by Shadow Teddy to where Kanji was using Aigis's emotional weakness against her and wasn't acting like himself

The delinquent has a very special set of skills, skills that make men like him a nightmare, which of course includes a fighting style very based on being up close and personal, bashing with his fists, and lots of grappling. No real wrestling moves, but just straight up grabbing. He's also shown proficiency with his chair, being able to block and swing the chair as both a club and block when needed as a shield. But it's not just his fighting skills that make him a valuable asset.

He may not have the intellect of his sort of not really 'girlfriend' Naoto, but he's not an idiot either, as he's a part of the Investigation Squad for a good reason. As he has his own moments of observation and can keep the group focused on the task at hand, showing that he has his own way of thinking of things, never too complicated, always straight forward. A small note is that he's great at making stuffed animals and charms, pretty much the entire thing that made him feel afraid of showing his true side.

Latest By Dynamo1212-da8knak by 0mura2
Persona Summoning:
-Summons manifestations of person's personality
-Usually takes the form of mythological figures
-Used to perform magic

Take Mikazuchi By Dynamo1212-da8mc6m by 0mura2
-Kanji's first and primary Persona
-Stronger, Faster and more Durable than Kanji himself
-Can manifest or retreat at will to dodge attacks

-Mazio: Deals light Electrical damage to all foes
-Zionga: Deals medium Electrical damage to 1 foe
-Rakukaja; Increases 1 ally's Defense for 3 turns
-Kill Rush: Deals light Physical damage to 1 foe 1x to 3x
-Elec Boost: Strengthens Electrical attacks by 25%
-Fatal End: Deals medium Physical damage to 1 foe
-Cruel Attack: Kanji and his persona slam their opponent together. Bonus damage to foes that are knocked down
-Mazionga: Deals medium Electrical damage to all foes
-Mighty Swing: Deals medium Physical damage to 1 foe
-Elec Break: Nullifies 1 foe's Electrical resistance (for 3 turns)
-Ziodyne: Deals heavy Electrical damage to 1 foe
-Vile Assault: Deals heavy Physical damage to 1 foe. Bonus damage to foes that are knocked down
-Matarukaja: Increases party's Attack for 3 turns
-Maziodyne: Deals heavy Electrical damage to all foes
-Primal Force: Deals severe Physical damage to 1 foe
-Elec Amp: Strengthens Electrical attacks by 50%

Additional Stats:
-Both the persona and Kanji can resist Electricity
-Weak to Wind

Kanji has access to the special ability of summoning a Persona, which is basically a manifestation of his own personality. The Emperor Persona he achieved after he finally learns to accept the kind of person he really is, in which becomes the thunder god Take-Mikazuchi. The Persona's have the ability to either be summoned at Kanji's side, or appear at will to protect their user. Take-Mikazuchi isn't just a thunder god by name, as a lot of this Persona's abilities relies on the pure power of the electrical attacks it can cast.

And with the secret history of Take-Mikazuchi participating in the first ever sumo match, the sheer physical strength of this Persona is unmatched. But here's a question, if he was the one who participated in the first sumo match, where did the Persona learn all of these wrestling moves? My guess is that all the moves and fighting abilities that the Persona's can use all come from their user, just a theory. This Persona, despite it's size, is actually faster Kanji, reacting fast enough to block attacks right before they hit Kanji, and with Kanji's already surprising durability.

This giant robot of a Persona can take more damage then all the others, and if the attacks it's doing isn't enough? Kanji can use it's abilities to buff himself up, giving him more defense, increase the abilities of his electrical attacks or even make his enemy be able to suffer more damage from said electric attacks. Just never put this persona against a tornado, as the big guy can't do very well against wind based attacks.

Social Link Skills:
-Dizzy Boost: Increases chances of inflicting Dizzy during a knockdown
-Masukunda: Decreases all foes' Hit/Evasion rate for 3 turns
-Power Charge: Next physical attack will be 250% greater in power
-Regenerate: Restores 6% of max HP each turn in battle
-Evade Wind: Triples evasion rate against Wind attacks

Bike Skills:
-Media: Slightly restores party's HP
-Atom Smasher: Deals medium Physical damage to all foes 1x to 2x with a chance of Fear
-Blue Wall: Add Electrical resistance to 1 ally (for 3 turns)
-Fast Heal: Halves the time needed to recover from ailments
-Mediarama: Moderately restores party's HP

Persona 4 Takejizaiten by 0mura2
Takeji Zaiten:
-The evolved and stronger form of his persona
-Evolves when Kanji is at his most desperate or his strongest state of emotion

-Mazio: Deals light Electrical damage to all foes.
-Zionga: Deals medium Electrical damage to 1 foe.
-Rakukaja: Increases 1 ally's Defense for 3 turns.
-Kill Rush: Deals light Physical damage to 1 foe 1x to 3x
-Elec Boost: Strengthens Electrical attacks by 25%
-Fatal End: Deals medium Physical damage to 1 foe
-Cruel Attack: Kanji and his persona slam their opponent together. Bonus damage to foes that are knocked down
-Mazionga: Deals medium Electrical damage to all foes
-Mighty Swing: Deals medium Physical damage to 1 foe
-Elec Break: Nullifies 1 foe's Electrical resistance (for 3 turns)
-Ziodyne: Deals heavy Electrical damage to 1 foe
-Vile Assault: Deals heavy Physical damage to 1 foe. Bonus damage to foes that are knocked down
-Matarukaja: Increases party's Attack for 3 turns
-Maziodyne: Deals heavy Electrical damage to all foes
-Primal Force: Deals severe Physical damage to 1 foe
-Elec Amp: Strengthens Electrical attacks by 50%
-The Man's Way: Chance of causing down and dizzy on All foes.

Additional Stats:
-Weak to wind
-Absorbs Electricity to heal Kanji, Kanji can absorb electricity directly to heal as well
-Resists Physical attacks, giving Kanji more durability

But Take-Mikazuchi isn't the only form Kanji's Persona has, with every other character next to the games protagonist Yu, the characters were able to evolve their Persona's to a much more powerful form. In which, Kanji gains Takeji-Zaiten, this form is not only bigger then his original Persona, it has more abilities, strength, and even gives Kanji access to the ability to heal himself from absorbing electricity directly. And yes, I do mean any form of electricity. Let's not forget that the Persona becomes even tankier as it takes much less damage from physical attacks, which of course transfers onto Kanji.

Persona 4 Arena Moveset:
-Fighting moves from the Persona 4 Arena games

The Man Series: Brosfist:
-One Hit Kill Finisher
-Kanji tosses a foe into the air while his persona launches a lightning bolt at them
-Kanji and his persona proceed to brofist the falling opponent, creating a thunderous explosion

Kanji is a grappler with multiple options at nearly all ranges, making sure to either control the fight with his heavy brawler style by keeping an opponent down or on guard at all times, or mixing it up with combinations between him and Take Mikazuchi for some killer damage. But the deadliest move in all of Kanji's arsenal is the move he gained in Persona 4 Arena, his one hit kill move, the Brofist!! This is where Kanji walks up to his opponent and effortlessly tosses his opponent very high into the air, where they're struck by lightning by Kanji's persona, and as they fall back to the earth below, Kanji and his Persona CRUSHES them between their fists, causing an explosion that would leave none standing.

Kanji Tatsumi (Persona 4 Arena, Story Mode Illustr by 0mura2
-Limited SP or Mana pool
-His Persona is weak to wind attacks
-Personas and their summoners share the same pain
--Though the amount of damage and how severe it is, is a little inconsistent
-Not very smart and prefers to solve his problems through brute force

While Kanji may be the strongest, the number one problem he has to deal with every time he fights someone is that he isn't...well....very smart. If something's in his way or it's pissing him off, thoughts come later, fists come first. Another issue is that whenever Take-Mikazuchi is damaged, Kanji suffers damage as well. But considering how much more durable his Persona is and the damage between the Persona and their user is inconsistent, it can be a little confusing at times. And like every spellcaster, Kanji needs to worry about running out of SP if he uses his spells too much.

But when you need a friend to rely on, or just a buddy who will watch your back in a fight, and make sure to beat up anyone who messes with you, Kanji Tatsumi is the one to call.

(Kanji: "I still don't really get what bein' "strong" means, but I'm gonna start by not lying to myself. No more being scared of everyone, hiding my hobbies, staying away from people... Anytime, anyplace, I'm gonna bust right through as my own self! That's the way to deal with that "other me" in the TV world." )


Beowolf 0 8 By Unlimitedblankworks-d9gziss by 0mura2
Name: Beowulf
First Appearance: Skullgirls
Age: 37
Height: 6'7
Weight: 287lbs/130kg

-Beat out much more popular characters like Umbrella, Annie and Adam to win the Fan-Vote DLC contest along with Eliza
-Defeated the seemingly un-defeatable Gigan wrestler, Grendel, and ripped off his arm
--Even though Grendel was heavily drugged, Story Mode showed that Beowulf could still beat him in a fair fight
-Also beat Grendel's mother, who tried to eat the crowd after aforementioned arm-ripping
--Grendel's mother was extremely elderly
-Beat Cerebella, Painwheel, Valentine, Big Band, Double masquerading as him, normal Double and the Skullgirl in Story Mode
--Double was beaten with a little help from Annie, who had centuries of experience

When an entire nation of giants wages a war on a kingdom, when it seems like there's no solution to stopping a force that seems to have no signs of slowing down, what do you do? How do you keep morale for your country up? Who do you send in to stop such a threat? The answer to all these questions comes in the form of the greatest wrestler in all of the Canopy Kingdom, the howling dog, BEOWULF!!!! With Beowulf going against the Gigan Nation's representative Grendel, Beowulf had a lot to prove, but after enough time, he gained his victory for himself AND his country. He even got himself a souvenir, in the form of Grendel's arm~

But it wasn't as easy, as Beowulf not only had to deal with Grendel, he had to deal with the eranged mom who tried eating everyone in the audience out of protest. Because of that, the Canopy Kingdom gained morale and finally won the long war that looked as if there was no hope of winning. This led Beowulf to a life of fame, fortune, and HAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Nah, Beowulf fizzled out and instead of becoming more famous, once the war was over, the kingdom had no real use for him anymore.

Hell, the fight with him and Grendel was rigged from the start as he was drugged out of his mind by the mafia just for the sake of making sure that Beowulf won no matter what. Because of that, he tried pursuing and acting career, buuuuut that didn't really work out for him. Thus, Beowulf went into retirement. But thankfully for him, his chance to get back into the spotlight came when the skullheart appeared, getting his steel chair, Grendel's arm and a jug of milk, and the wolf howled back into the scene.

Beowulf Action Shot By Oh8 By Unlimitedblankworks- by 0mura2
-Can lift and wield Grendel's arm with ease
-Can grab and throw Big Band, who weighs 5000 pounds
-Suplexed Grendel
-Kept up with Valentine in single combat
-Took hits from the Skullgirl, calculated to be at town level

There's a reason Beowulf was regarded as the best, as the man could not only rip of Grendel's arm, he could lift the giant himself. Even if the fight was rigged he still showed off his tremendous strength. He proves this even further by having the ability to lift up and through the 5 ton Big Band. Just like his opponent though, Beowulf isn't very fast, running or reaction time wise, but he can keep up with the ninja nurse Valentine showing he isn't too slow. And despite being just a normal human being, the guy take hits from the Skullgirl, who can destroy entire towns with ease.

Sg Beowulf Portrait By Unlimitedblankworks-d9hd8w5 by 0mura2
The Hurting
-Indestructible folding chair
Screen Shot 2015 11 21 At 10 08 31 Am By Unlimited by 0mura2
-Can be slid to hit opponent on ground, hurled into the air to hit them from above, or kicked downwards while in the air
-Can be picked up again after a short period of time
-Without it, Beowulf takes increased damage while blocking
-Builds hype if opponent is slammed onto it
Screen Shot 2015 11 21 At 10 21 42 Am By Unlimited by 0mura2
Grendel's Arm
-Used when The Hurting is not available
-Stored in hammerspace
-Certain moves will deal additional damage if this is used
-Sort of has a mind of its own

There's never a time Beowulf doesn't go into fights with just his muscle, he brings two of his most trusted weapons. The first is the most basic of wrestler weapons, but always the most convenient. The steel chair, which Beowulf appropiately named the Hurting. I don't know who made this chair or what it's even made out of, but it seems that this thing is indestructible, as no matter what form of damage it takes, whether it be a giant beam from a robo-catgirl, or rapid punches from a musical cyborg, this thing never shows any form of wear or tear.

He can use this chair for your typical chair shots, use it as a shield, throw it when he needs to or set it up so he can throw his opponents into it. But that isn't the only thing Beowulf has, cause he keeps one of his strongest weapons in his back pocket, Grendel's freaking arm!! He stores that giant thing in his back and somehow it seems to just disappear without any sign. Beowulf uses this to do more damage with his combos, or whenever the hurting isn't available. One quick note, the arm seems to have some form of sentience, as it actually hits Beowulf right as he turns his back in his intro cutscene.  

Fighting Moves:

Clinch Up
-Beowulf's grab
-Can move around and jump while in this state
-While holding opponent, can do a variety of attacks
Wulf Press Slam
-Simply tosses opponent onto the ground
-Performed when no actions are taken during Grab Mode
Berserker Headbutt
-Headbutts opponent several times
-If paused at any time, takes Beowulf out of Grab Mode
-Can be combo-d with Naegling Knee Lift
Naegling Knee Lift
-Knees opponent several times
-Basically the same as Berserker Headbutt
Canis Major Press
-Beowulf performs a spinning body slam into the ground with his opponent
-Performed when no actions are taken during Grab Mode in the air
Diving Wulfdog
-Beowulf grabs the opponent by the neck and slams them into the ground
-Can be performed in the air or on the ground
Da Grendel Killa
-Beowulf lifts the opponent over his shoulders and slams them into the ground head-first
--Presumably the same move he used on Grendel
-Can be performed in the air or on the ground
Geatish Trepak
-Beowulf hops onto his chair and performs That Russian Squat Dance straight into the opponent's gut
-Can only be performed on the ground and with The Hurting
Wulf Blitzer
-Beowulf shoots forward like a bullet
-Can be performed up to three times in any direction
-Shamelessly stolen from Jon Talbain
-Can be used to close the distance between Beowulf and his opponent
Wulf Shoot
-Beowulf crouches down, similarly to Wulf Blitzer, but instead leaps forward and grabs the opponent
-Used as a feint

The best wrestler's weapons will always be his own arms legs and body. And hell, maybe his head if the situation calls for it. Beowulf, like every wrestler, specializes in powered strikes with his attacks, making sure each hit matters, going for strength rather then speed. And not to mention, lots and lots of grabs. Beowulf always grabs his opponents and leads them into either a takedown, piledriver, body slam, or just simply throws them.
Other times he grabs them and goes for a bulldog into his chair.

Or he can even lift his opponent and go for a pile driver from his back. Beowulf is very diverse in how he hurts his opponents with his wrestling moves. And when he's not using his grabs, he can simply dance on his chair while kicking you, and or, somehow, in some way, charge at his opponent like a bullet and tackle right into them. There's no explanation how he does this, or how he can even control where he's going, Beowulf just does.
But in a world where a circus performer can have a hat that has giant muscular arms and ninja nurses with big tits, anything's possible.

-Performed when enough Dramatic Tension is obtained
--Basically the game's equivalent of Super Moves
Giphy (1) by 0mura2
Gigantic Arm
-Level 1 Blockbuster (consumes one level of Dramatic Tension)
-Beowulf rushes forward with Grendel's arm, smashing through anyone standing in his way
Giphy (2) by 0mura2
Three Wolf Moonsault
-Level 3 Blockbuster (consumes three levels of Dramatic Tension)
-After chugging a jug of milk, Beowulf uppercuts his opponent three times, creating the image of three wolves, before performing a somersault and landing on top of them

This fighter wouldn't be half the man he was if it weren't his flashy finishing moves, and boy does Beowulf have them. The way he uses these is through dramatic tension, Skullgirls equivalent to the super meter in Street Fighter. He gains this by of course, fighting, either by blocking, getting hit or sometimes whiffing an attack. When enough DT is gained, he can consume one bar of it and use Grendel's arm to rush forward and slam the giants fist right into anyone in his way, and if he consumes all three? He does his best impression of Kurt Angle, Ryu and Jeff Hardy, as he chugs an entire jug of milk, before uppercutting his opponent three times and then moonsaulting right on top of them for massive damage.

Screen Shot 2015 11 21 At 1 24 41 Pm By Unlimitedb by 0mura2
-Represented by poppers, confetti and excited shouts
-Built up in three levels by using certain moves
Skullgirls Encore Beowulf Hype 622 2 By Unlimitedb by 0mura2
-Cheap Pop
--Normal attack
--Beowulf holds his hand to his ear and listens to his loyal Wulfpack's cheers
--Raises Hype for as long as the move is held
Beowulfsmp1 By Unlimitedblankworks-d9hq9vj by 0mura2
-Pipe Bomb
--Normal attack
--Beowulf holds out a microphone and drops it dramatically
--Hits twice; one for the punch, one for the drop
--Needs to be repeated 4 times to raise one level of hype
Screen Shot 2015 11 23 At 7 26 47 Pm By Unlimitedb by 0mura2
-Aroo Ready?
--Beowulf crouches down and howls to the sky
--Raises one level of Hype each time it is used
-When an opponent is slammed into The Hurting, one level of Hype is also raised
Hype Moves:
Giphy (4) by 0mura2
-Level 1 Blockbuster
-Requires one level of Dramatic Tension
-Beowulf shoots up into the air and grabs his opponent, immediately entering Grab Mode
-If Diving Wulfdog is used during this move with at least one level of Hype, an extra attack is added
-If this move is used with three levels of Hype, a penguin referee will pop out of nowhere and count the opponent out, dealing additional damage
Giphy (3) by 0mura2
-Level 3 Blockbuster
-Beowulf grabs the opponent and enters grab mode
-Without any Hype, kind of useless
-With one level of hype, can use any combination of Berserker Headbutt and Naegling Knee Lift
-With maximum Hype, can unleash a devastating combo of any throw listed above, minus Geatish Trepak
--If opponent is about to be knocked out, the penguin referee pops out again and deals enough damage to finish the opponent

But a wrestler isn't a wrestler without the one thing they always need, and that my friends? Is hype, Beowulf is the only one among the Skullgirls cast to have this, and with Hype, he can access certain moves and do even more damage with them by gaining hype. The hype comes from the crowds, the loud cheering and the confetti, and the more he builds, the more damaging his moves are. The airwulf is a simple airgrab that has him jump high into the air to grab his opponent and bulldog them right into the ground.

Wulfamania, man Beowulf really likes borrowing names, moves and gimmicks from other people, is where he simply grabs his opponent, but with a full three levels of hype, he can combo his opponent like crazy, slamming them into the ground repeatedly, headbutts, knee's, and more, ending with the devastating Grendel Killa. Combining this with the dramatic tension gauge, and Beowulf can have a little penguin referee help him finish off his opponent when needed.

He gets hype through the one way he knows how, taunting his opponent. Holding his ear out to hearing the cheers of his fans, dropping the mic or just howling into the moonlight, hell, slamming his opponent into the hurting gives Beowulf one level of hype each.

Beo Timeout By Unlimitedblankworks-d9hlg7v by 0mura2
-Lacks projectiles
--Needs to close the distance to do real damage
-Low jump height
-Requires hype for some of his moves to really do damage
-Trying to gain hype also leaves him wide open if his opponent times it right
-Also needs to build up dramatic tension, or gain power, in order to even pull off his Blockbuster moves
-Overconfident, brash and not very intelligent

The biggest takeaway from all of this? Beowulf is a fighter who specializes in getting close and dealing damage, but that in itself is the problem, he NEEDS to get close in order to really do anything. As any good wrestler does. Beowulf doesn't have any necessary or rather, any form of projectile to really help him if his opponent decides to play the range game. And he doesn't have any sure fire way of close that gap once they start keeping him at a distance.

Also, some of Beowulf's strongest moves and attacks require him to have either dramatic tension, or hype, sometimes both, because without them, he can't pull off his most damaging moves. And even then, his more powerful moves can't do any real damage unless he has the hype to back it up, and trying to gather hype leaves him wide open since a lot of him gathering hype involves him taunting, because of that, anyone can take advantage and catch Bewoulf when he's at his most distracted.

Beowulf can also be a little cocky, because if he feels he has the advantage, he'll put his guard down.  He's not the sharpest tool in the shed either, but brains never were his strongsuit. It never needed to be, because with enough muscle and spirit on his side, Beowulf can take down and pin any opponent who dares to challenge this wolf.

(Beowulf: "Everything I SAY is a catchphrase!")
For the first time, in a long time, some actual real content, hard to believe huh? Months after Joseph vs Jackie, I was supposed to submit Lester vs Ben, but due losing a lot of my files because DA's a little shit, I have choice but to put that on hold
So until then, I give you this death battle between two of my personal favorite muscle heads from these games. 
Thanks to Dynamo for the Kanji bio and remember that these two belong to their respective comapnies
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Dynamo1212 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016
Decided to give this a look. Nice to see you use my bio and added some stuff to it. Now on the fight, I think Kanji wins this. He has greater speed feats, methods to heal himself, several long range attacks, and his Persona makes it a 2 against 1. Beowulf might be stronger than him, more skilled in hand to hand, and more experience, but Kanji is good enough to keep up with him. Overall, thinking Kanji for the win.

0mura2 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016
Oh my god
YES!!! That's amazing!!!
GimmyJibbsJr Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016  Student Artist
Alrighty, so I side with Kanji, as he has actual range, and just enough damage output to hurt Beowulf. Beowulf has more experience, sure, but Kanji simply has the power to hurt him and the speed needed to leave him in the dust.

Also, Persona  >  Grendel's Arm
0mura2 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016
But that doesn't mean we can't have a persona and grendal arm wrestling match~
GimmyJibbsJr Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016  Student Artist
Very true~
0mura2 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016
MadnessAbe Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I'm pretty much on what everyone else is saying and that Kanji is gonna win this.

Beowulf's main strengths are that as a wrestler, he has better training and skill than a simple brawler like Kanji and Grendel's Arm is strong enough to match to Take-Mikazuchi's size.

Apart from that? Kanji still takes it. Just because Beowulf is only better in skill does not mean he's better in melee, as Kanji has a focus there too and can match him in it. The Perun Plate trumps Beowulf's chair easily as it also gives Kanji added buffs, and Take-Mikazuchi has several ranged attacks and status effects that can weaken Beowulf slowly throughout the fight. And while both aren't exactly the sharpest tools in the shed, Kanji is actually much more intelligent by comparison as he solved the Inaba murders with his team and is pretty insightful, and not to mention that Takeji Zaiten is much stronger once it arrives and will deal greater damage than its previous form. 

All in all, I'm going for Kanji for this, and expecting some chair weaponization that would make good ol' RVD proud. :D
0mura2 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016
The chairs in this fight are going to be off the chain
And look out for some little easter eggs -w-
golork Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016
Kanji has one more level he can achieve with his persona:…

A for the fight. While Beowulf has more destructive potential, and is a better fighter, and has more experience. Kanji has all of the other advantages. He's more intelligent, is a whole lot faster, he murders at the range game, can keep up in CQC, the persona is something that Beowulf has never dealt with before and makes the fight a two on one. I could go deeper into why I think Kanji should win but I'll juts simply say that Kanji not only has more advantages but better ones as well.
0mura2 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016
Man, the fight isn't even out yet and everyone already sais who's going to win XD
golork Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016
Well of course, making predictions is something most people do in these fights. Of course Kanji does have a lot more going for him in this fight.
0mura2 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016
No I get that, I'm just saying
golork Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016
I know. Though is I'm being honest here Beowulf and Kanji... aren't really relatable together. I mean even for simplistic reasons these two don't really meld together that well in terms of fighting each other. I know its strange to say that when we have fights like Pelliber vs Felicia and Blanka vs Pikachu but for some reason this fight just doesn't seem to fit for me.
0mura2 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016
You really think so?
i saw the connection mainly after playing through both games
And I felt there was a good enough connection here for them to fight each other
Thank you for your honesty though
golork Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016
Well they kind of connect. Both of them are big fellas with big hearts... but I barely see Beowulf's heart.
0mura2 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2016
Don't worry, I understand your concern, just wait for the fight, maybe you'll change your mind
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GokuvsSuperman117 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016
Welp, expecting a knockdown, drag-em-out brawl from this.

I'm betting Kanji simply due to outclassing Beowulf (except in charm, since he's a wrestler), but hey, we're getting several chair shots (KEEP THE ECW FANS AWAY) and a good bout between lovable beefcakes. We're golden.
0mura2 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016
Wait till you see the fight itself, you'll really enjoy the chair shots i have there~
Breloom-Da-Bassgod Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016  Hobbyist
So reading through this I think Kanji Tatsumi would win this via being faster and his stands > Beowulf's hype.

On the upside Beowulf brings more hype to the table...literally.
0mura2 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2016
Persona's may not have the same level of Hax Stands bring from JoJo, but they're still pretty darn powerful
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