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Once, there was an ancient species Called (don’t have a name for them yet but let’s call them M’s). The (M’s) were a forest creature, that was rather advanced, with their own holidays and traditions
One day, a vast majority of the (M’s) got infected by a illness, most of the (M’s) perished, leaving the surviving (M’s) to hide in the mountains, and distance themselves from others to avoid catching the disease.
After the remaining (M’s)  had fled, the bodies of the dead (M’s) were taken over by a fugal host, resembling that of moss.
These hosts made it so the (M’s) bodies would grow moss and fungal growths on them. Once these “Moss Monsters” (get it???)gained knowledge and took what was left from the (M’s) and built their own culture off of it.
The Mossters can have random patches of moss growth, and can have different colored fungi, depending on the types of things they see or do.
Since the (M’s) did not have a specific pattern to them, Mossters can be seen in any color, and have any pattern type.
(The name for the Mossters (and having them be fungus themed) came from doelicious#9085 on discord ^^)
This is the second draft if these guys so if you guys have constructive criticism, send it my way 🥴
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