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The Skull Breaker

A Herimash warrior, wielding a war club and ready to fight! He seems to really enjoy the idea of bashing some skulls. :D

The tiny cuts you see on his body are the result of ritual scarifcation. I had already drawn this guy before, and I was curious to see how his scars would look in a colored drawing.

So, yesterday I finally watched Black Panther, and while the story was not a masterpiece, the setting was definitely intriguing! I absolutely loved the costumes, and the weapons were way more accurate than I expected!
I was enjoying the movie when a character wielding a huge-ass war club stepped in, and my immediate reaction was "OHMAHGAAAWD! I MUST DRAW THAT!". As a result, as soon as the movie ended I started drawing and finished this work in record time! :D  Wooden war clubs deserve more love, I can't believe I had never drawn one before!

Hope you like it! ^^
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blunt weapons need more love! especially the wooden ones! That being said I love his two handed club! This is probably one of my favo warrior portraits you've made, because of all the fancy decoration, from scarification to the absolutely gorgeous necklaces and colorful fabrics! Also it's great seeing a very different kind of herimash with such a dark fur and strikingly blue eyes!! :) 
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Hello there!
 Really nice image, the pose and facial expressions are wonderfully brought to perspective!
 Clothing, weapons and details like the scarification are well done and original,
 the only thing that's bothering me is the repetitive fur pattern, it actually seems a bit dull, all those spots...
 if you look at real life references of jaguars or other big cats, you can see the diversity in this pattern, around the belly, dots get larger, towards the throat more stripy and the fur 'underneath' also changes colour and / or lightness.
just a reminder for future cats :3

Have a nice day!
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Thank you a bunch! :D

That's true, but there is a reason for that pattern. Real cats have light-colored bellies, and that is not a problem when hunting since they prowl and only the mimetic pattern is visible. These creatures are kinda like an evolved version or real felines, and for them having a white colored belly would be a terrible adaptation, since it would be visible a  mile away as they walk or stand. That's why I went for a more uniform pattern, so that they can blend in the forest environment from all angles. ^^
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That’s actually a good decision then!
Just some variety in the pattern would be suggestable on my side ^ ^
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Yep! Very angry! :D
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oh ! wow this is nicely done and super cool too.
I really have to say that you have done a pretty sweet job there with the color work and detail
work that you have achieve there. Also thump up on that cool pose that you have drew your warrios
cat character posing into ready for combat.
~awesome work and keep it up ;) 
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Thank you so much! :D I'm really glad you liked it, it means a lot!
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hey! you're very welcome ;) 
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The Jabari tribe in Black Panther are so cool!  War clubs are highly underrated as weapons, even though they are simple to make.  I love seeing this guy again!  And as a question, is silver/grey/ash fur common among the Herimash?  I noticed one of your older drawings features a grey-furred Herimash as well.
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Agreed, the Jabari are the best! XD And M'baku was awesome too!

It depends by the area where they live in. Yellow and grey ones belong to two different sub-species, they remained separated thanks to the sea but they are still close enough that they can interbreed. The "hybrids" have a brown-ish fur, and are quite common in human cities.
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As a roman would say, absolutely barbaric :XD:.
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Oh, for sure! XD Who knows what would have Romans thought if they ever met such creatures.... Probably round them all up andmake them fight in arenas.
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Yeah, they would be awesome as gladiators :D.
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The first rule of war club is: don't talk about war club...

Kitty SMASH!
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Hahahaha! :D  Gold!
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Haha, this guy looks pretty trigger-happy with that smile, as if he is ready to test his new club on some unfortunate soul. :D It would've been cool if he became a regular character. ;) But that war club looks so interesting, sort of like a mix of staff and club rather than standard mace. Defenitely cool design! :)
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It would be hard to have him as a recurrent characters, but I'll see what I can do! :D

Yep, it can work just fine as a staff too, to walk around ^^
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Hahahaha pretty much his reasoning I bet! :D
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Now this looks like a feline warrior that has not only skill but major cunning to him. A real predator,if you will. Cool work here, my friend. B-)
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Haha he sure is a dangerous fellow! :D Thank you so much!
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
You are quite welcome, my friend. ^^
He's certainly excited to go clubbing! XD Is that a tree burl as the end of the club? Love his decorations, especially those bright feathers!
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