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Goggly Cheetah

By 0laffson
Not sure you guys remember this character, he was a random sci-fi cheetah that appeared in these sketches here and here, and was later renamed "goggly cheetah". People seemed to really like him back then, and I also had way too much fun drawing him, so here he is in full color this time! :D I made his gun even bigger, because oversized guns are fun.

Hope you like him! ^^


Also, a small remider! I'm holding a free sketch raffle for my watchers, and if you want to join it just read this journal here.
Just to make sure no one missed it. ^^
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I like him I think he is swell
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Looks very fantastic
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Oooh I LOVE THIS GUY! He is just hilarious and entertaining in the two times we've seen him! The sci-fi world you have set him in with complicated family relationships just begs to be explored! =D

The masses DEMAND you draw him more! =D
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..."because oversized guns are fun."

Or, as I like to say. "Overkill is never overrated".
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The BFG 9000...nuf’ said
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I like the way you are thinking. :)
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haha exactly! :D
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So great to see goggly Cheetah in colors! I love the markings on his face, as I already probably told you before, :) And as always, the coloring and the amount of detail looks gorgeous! :heart:
Also.. who needs a working zipper when  no one is going to be crazy enough to comment about it.. considering he has the frigging Godzilla of guns! ;D
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As always, thank you so much! :D

haha exactly, no one would dare! XD
WOW! Great detailed!
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Holy shit!
What kind of ammo is he using?!
Cal 12mm or something?
I mean look at the size of that thing!

Overall I like the design of this guy.
Considering his stuff I would say tech level of his world is around early 21st century.
And I mean early, something between 2000-2005.
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No idea, but something VERY huge for sure! :D

Or maybe the setting is more advanced, but he's so poor he has to use old scraps :D Glad you like him!
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I would think so myself if it weren't for (what I asume is) portable computer on his hand.
Even in modern times it is easyer to find something like that with touch screen in stead of keyboard.
(unless it only has computing power of science calculator, wich I doubt cuz it would be ussless for this kind of job)
If you want it to look like he is using scraps from scifi setting ( tech level equal to our 2020-2040 ) I would personally sugest that he should use cracked touche screen. It would fell more rundown and scifi (more realistic).

I would also avoid putting him further into the future then mid 21st century.
His equipment would be too obsolete to do anything outside dealing with wildlife.
Which I assume would not be the case because he must be prison escape (considering the chain with number on his leg)
I hope that helps and as always keep up your BADASS work. ;P
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Hurray, he is back! He looks about 200% cooler in full color, too. :D Just look at his abs! :giggle: Seriously, you really brought the character to life there. His gun looks super cool, and the detail that really catches my eye is how the longer fur on his neck forms a sort of mohawk. ;P 
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haha he is! :la:  I'm really happy you like him! ^^  Cheetahs actually have a short mohawk-like mane on the neck and back, it's super cute!
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Also, I'm not just going to call him 'Goggly Cheetah'.  Until he's given a name, this guy's name will be Edge to me.  I like him a lot.
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I guess Edge would be a nice name for it! :D At the moment I have no plans for a name nor a backstory, I leave everything open to imagination.
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That gun looks very powerful.
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