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Feline Elegance

By 0laffson
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Enorach is yet again displaying his typical feline elegance, look at how graceful he looks even in his sleep! :D   ...it seems Lars is too much of an oaf to understand and appreciate the sublime feline beauty, however.

So, during one of their journeys Enorach and Lars stopped to sleep at an inn, and their idea was to get up at dawn and take the road immediately. When Enorach was nowhere to be seen, Lars decided to see if he was about to get ready, and instead he found... well, this. Lars is starting t get real tired of Eno's shit.

...it seems I drew another butt, sorry about that but I couldn't resist! :D Forgive me!
On a side note, both the expression and the anatomy were extremely hard to get right, so I'm very happy with the final result, considering it was just a sketch. Hope you liked it! ^^
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Im0rta1Champ10ns's avatar
That looks so uncomfortable
LavaBatA1's avatar
Spank his booty! XD
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Enorach: This is a good place. I'll sleep here. :D

Also, I really hope that Herimash spines are more like cat spines than human ones, otherwise Eno's gonna have some back problems when he wakes. ;)
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The situation alone made me chuckle a bit, but the expressions (The expressions in the painting especially) sealed the deal. Lovely work :thumbsup:
Charanty's avatar
So elegant and graceful XD Like a drunk she-moose of the ice of Baikal lake in a blizzard XDDDD
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I know I should be commenting on how hilarious Enorach is sleeping here, but the one thing that's getting my attention now that I look at it is that painting... Looks like even works of art don't even understand the subtle beauty of a sleeping feline.

Good job on this, by the way!
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This is adorable, I suggest a hard slap on the ass to wake him up.
Skoshi8's avatar
Reminds me of the scene in The Sting where Robert Redford meets Paul Newman for the first time.
Tattorack's avatar

Seems like he had a bit too much to drink.

0laffson's avatar
Haha probably! :D
Alandrian's avatar
I have the exact same feline elegance.
0laffson's avatar
I'm sure you do XD
wolfieboy98's avatar
GreatWolf71691's avatar
Don't let that sword fall on your ass, Enorach XD
0laffson's avatar
Haha indeed, that would be a problem! :D
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Having lived with three cats for the past five years, I can attest to the elegance and grace of the Feline species.
With great examples of them falling a few inches short of their feeding spot and sleeping like they've been spread on a torture rack.

Magnificent creatures.
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Hahaha I know right? Adorable lil' things! :D
FrxPlanner's avatar
Let's hope that the sword won't fall over his neck :XD:.
0laffson's avatar
Haha yeah, that would be inconvenient! :D
FrxPlanner's avatar
Or that he falls and then the sword into certain part Mr Bean Pervy Meme Medium .
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Aw, kitty. That's not going to be good for your back! ^^
0laffson's avatar
Nonsense, he's a cat! They are made for this sort of things! :D
JNinelives's avatar
I dunno. The cats I know sleep in a ball or a loaf shape. Has Enorach tried that? ;p
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