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Alcohol and Dice

By 0laffson
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At last, after countless hours I managed to complete this work! :dummy:  I have to say I'm really happy by how it turned out, especially because the lighting and the number of characters made it really challenging. The scanner changed a bit the colors, so I had to retouch it digitally, and this time it's almost as the original!

This is also the first drawing where we can finally see all the four races of my fantasy setting together:  the Herimash (cats), Humans (we all know those, I think), Dwarves (that short guy laughing) and Sa'Jiir (lizards).  Sooner or later I'll write a reference for all of them.

The dwarf's name is Varin, by the way, and he is a former mercenary. He met Enorach (in case you don't know my characters, he's that cat drinking wine) years before, and helped him overcome many of the traumas he endured during slavery.
Years later he stopped fighting and became a rich and respected owner of brothels, taverns and a lot of other semi-legal establishments.

Now I'd better stop rambling. :D  I hope you like it, and if you have any critique, comment or suggestion to help me improve they are most welcome!
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Damn, all of the best pieces on this site always come from you, and this piece is absolutely no exception! This is one of the few pieces I've reviewed that gets five stars in every category, and for good reason. I like what you've done with your universe in this piece, which is expanding it from cat and Yoruba clothed lizard men to more human-like races such as dwarves, and maybe some non-evil elves in the future. This piece also has one of the best lighting treatments I've ever seen on an artwork with the candles and bar lights, and also possibly the best improvements on a preexisting piece with the racial developments. I also see that Enorach has a female admirer! <img src="e.deviantart.net/emoticons/s/s…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/> Anyway, I hope to see more amazing pieces from you in the future.
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Sorry for the late reply!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this, and I'm very happy you liked this work! :la: 
Giving a broader view on my setting was indeed the main goal in this drawing, so I'm glad you liked this aspect. At the moment I have only those 4 races planned, I excluded elves because they are a bit too "supernatural" in my opinion, and wouldn't fit well in this world.

Thank you so much again, I hope not to disappoint in the future! :D
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Alcohol and Dice, by 0laffson is a stunning, detailed work. Everything, from the expressions of the characters, to their clothes, to their hair has clearly been though out and laboriously drawn.

The attitude present in this scene perfectly captures the attitude present in a medieval village tavern. The sheer variety of characters in this scene again points to the precise detail that 0laffson put into drawing it. The variety of clothing and hair styles definitely lends to the overall feeling of uniqueness.

The lighting is the icing on the cake (so to speak) as it is absolutely perfect for this kind of scene. Overall, one of the best works I've seen on this site to date.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to write this, I really appreciate it! :D  And sorry for my late reply.

I'm really happy you liked this work, it means a lot!
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This is kinda what a typical DnD group looks like after a couple of drinks.
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Is that a motherfucking dinosaur
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It's cool that you included new fantasy races besides elves.
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I am glad I took the time to read this, if you poured so many hours into such a masterpiece. The lighting is amazing, and yes, there are quite a few characters, and of coarse, your details are incredible.

The incredible details blow me away. All the hair, the fur, the patterns of fur and scale. This is quite a scene, not only do you astound with cityscapes, but also crowded rooms too. Expressions, hair, lighting, your detailing... Even the smooth stonework in the background. All of it comes together in such a piece, that, it can be so hard to miss so many things... Like the little green spots on the oranges, the weave on that wine bottle (Witch is INCREDIBLE, I don't know how you managed to focus on all those little braids, and I love wine bottles with that wicker bottom, it looks cool!) To the engravings on the cup and the clothing. You really are a gifted, in ways I can not put to words. 
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Aw, thank you SO much, I'm so glad you liked it! :D

To be honest, small details are quite easy to make, it's more about patience than actually being hard. Also, I'm myopic, so I actually draw small details easier than big ones! ^^
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I wish I could just, go through ALL your work, and leave a detailed explanation, that... Accurately describes just how much I love it, and what I love about it. You sir, are amazing. I hate to sound the flatterer, but, is it flattery if it is what I truly feel?

I lack the patience, most of the time, to do the detailing I once did. Unless I have no distractions, and I'm comfortable.

So, I love all the little details you work into your art, but, you just add SO many, they kinda go unnoticed to me, as, it's like walking around in a beautiful park. There is just too much to take in 100%. It's one thing that makes your work stand out, it's so... Lively, beautiful detailed, and VERY fun to look at.

Oh dear, I am sorry to hear this. I am, blind without my glasses or contacts. Things are unreadable at about 3 ft from my face, that bad. Normal vision is 20/20, perfect... Mine, last time I had a exam, was 20/100.

The saying, "Blind as a bat." applies very well, except, bats also have keen eye sight, in addition to hearing... More you know! 
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Oh SWEET! There's the dwarf dude! I love his necklace!

The human lady seems to fancy Lars (I mean who wouldn't) Or she's eyeing the feline fraulein, cuz she's a FURRY!

But really, I'll ready this description in full after I putt the kettle on for my last cup of tea for the night. 
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Its fantastic and terrific as always
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Thank you a lot! :D
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Your welcome, your work reminds me of how we need more fantasy in the world
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Elder Scrolls, again...
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This has actually nothing to do with Elder Scrolls.
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I know, I'm just saying the similarity is uncanny.  You've got the Khajiit AND the Argonians now lol.
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haha I understand, in fact I waited a long time before adding lizards because of Elder Scrolls. After a while I decided to add them anyways, lizard-men are a classic of fantasy after all, and I decided to make them pretty different from Argonians. :D
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Just the place I would like to right now.
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