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Peace and Quiet by 0laffson, visual art

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Divide et Impera - page 1 by 0laffson, visual art

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WELCOME TO MY PAGE (no longer active here currently, see links below) Greetings! I'm 0laffson, an Italian traditional artist who draws mainly for a hobby. My works are mainly centered around my own fantasy setting, a world where humans live side by side with anthropomorphic animals in a period that resembles the early renaissance. I draw felines most of the time, and I have an unhealthy obsession for armors and clothing designs.

YOU CAN SEE MY NEWEST ART HERE Furaffinity > https://www.furaffinity.net/user/0laffson/ Twitter (while it lasts) > https://twitter.com/0laffson COMMISSION INFO I accept commissions, though I currently have extremely long waiting times. All the info can be found below.

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Hello everyone. You've probably noticed I've not been very active these past days. To make it short, I was pondering about my future on this platform, and I have come to the decision of bidding farewell to everyone and moving on to greener pastures. I don't plan on deleting my account, as I have many fond memories tied to this website, but I will not post any new content movin forward. I had been toying with this thought ever since Eclipse was implemented, in all honesty, as the website I loved pretty much died on that day. So many artists I followed left, my works received a fraction of the engagement despite me having even more followers than before, and overall the whole place resembled like a ghost town compared to the vibrant community it once was. I kept posting here more out of obligation than else. Now, you have probably heard of the newest dumbfuckery DA pulled with the AI. That was quite frankly the last straw for me. I swear, it feels like they are trying to purposely
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Which one of my old works would you like to see me rema...

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Don’t know if I asked this before, but does Beretta exist in Shady’s world? I’m sure you know of whom I speak.

You mean the gun manufacturer? Probably too early for that, the setting is in the late 15th / early 16th century stage! Though maybe the setting equivalents are just starting their business, who knows! ^^

Beretta was founded in 1526, so that would fit into the early 16th century criteria, wouldn’t it?

Oh, my bad! I remembered it was founded in the early 1600's! Then yes, I guess an equivalent could absolutely exist!

Someone Re uploaded your Art

Kya's Clouded Leopard boy (WIP)

Apologies if I didn't respond!

Yes, this was indeed an adoptable. Still, thanks for letting me know, I truly appreciate the thought!

It's an adoptable I purchased from 0laffson some time ago.