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|Creepypasta / Slenderverse| Not quite a Family

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I thought most of the creepypastas where proxy's O-O

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Masky and Hoodie are not creepypastas

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You know, creepypasta and slenderverse crossovers are kinda canon.

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Oh recuerdo también este, solo que este si recordaba el autor mas después no encontré el dibujo (estoy bien salada XD), pero sin importar que, esta hermoso UwU

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I feel like brian is just suprised that toby exist?

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I saw it in your speedpaint video, the song matches with the art, good job! 🖒
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why did I almost cry over this

well my day was shit but still wtf lmao

now I'm trying not to die laughing
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Hoodies like
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Nice art

but how tf do you draw hands that beautifully??! Im like worshipping them atm
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when you with your squad
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Your Slenderverse art is my favorite! Keep up the good work, dude! ;0 ;
Trash Dove Cool Shades (not my art) 
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Oh my ;w; Thank you~!
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You’re very welcome~! ^3^
I can respect that...
Though the Slenderman has his ways in manipulating people to do his will without even knowing it.
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Looks amazing as ever 0ktavian! >//v//< Love this! :D
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This looks awesome!
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Hi hello just do what you want, your art is awesome either way
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334d45534260de729a9e8d9d9551807bf03083518ae06222ab by ShiyiiDev  
A tak serio to nie ogarniam tego wzajemnego żarcia się, siedzę sobie cichutko w rogu Fandomu i się nie mieszam ;; A prawda jest taka że siedzę w fandomie CP od 2-3 lat natomiast o samym Marble Hornets nie wiem absolutnie nic i nie chcę się wypowiadać bo będzie przypał.

Natomiast rysunek zarąbisty, jak zawsze zresztą ! <3 Naucz mnie cieni bo nie umiem ani w kolory, ani w cieniowanie...
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