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| Creepypasta Fanart| Stitching


E.J: "You're a terrible person, you know?"

Remember this?:
|Creepypasta Fanart| Just a Kid by 0ktavian
So the headcanon continued in my head since the time I drew the previous thing and I kind of have a whole long ass story in my head ya know, but I ain't gonna write it whole down, I've been considering this but... well just no. x"D

I'm gonna give you a bit of it tho~!

      After saving Jeff, Jack wasn't even considering taking care of him any longer than it takes for his wounds to heal. They kind of got along during that time though, Jack felt like he was doing something good for once (My headcanon says he is the cp character with the greatest conscience), and our lil psycho kid got hope that his life doesn't have to end in a year or so.
      Their relation became some sort of friendship, and Jeff stuck to Jack for some time. You know when he was still like 13-15~ And when he kind of grew up, their ways split, but Jeff would still come for help to an old friend. I assumed that fuckboi would get in fights often. Knife fights huehueheue

And I broship them af ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

JTK & E.J (c) Their rightful owners
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P.S.- Jeff has a habit of stealing L.J's candy.

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I think Jeff screwed up, again, and pissed L.J off and got his a** kicked for the trouble. Now E.J has to stitch up the cuts because L.J has claws and does NOT like Jeff.

Ej: Dude, what now?

Jeff: *mumbles* Stupid Lui and Jane, plus Nina Attacked me when I got Away

Ej: *Sigh* Come ere'

Jeff: Fine

*5 min L8er*

Jeff: OW!




Jeff: O- Oh

Ej: Now stay STILL!!!!!!!!!!

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Why is this so cute tho.

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What ej do??? Steal his kidneys!?
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lol so cute!!!
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"OW - are you done yet!?"
  "I've been doing this for 10 seconds."
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I.....hate.......NEEDLES #-# Honestly Jeff whacha do now?!?!
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just.. how does EJ have hair like that its fab ;---; 

Also love the artwork!
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I love it but...


Mostly syringes but anything pointy jabbed into flesh just makes my skin crawl. I've had three nurses have to hold me down to the table while another gave the shot.

And that was only two years ago....

Regardless, this is a really well drawn piece. I would love to hear the full story one day. Even just a short synopsis would be really cool.
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I remember when I was 7 I HATED shots.

I had to have two nurses hold me down and my mom and sister too while the doctor gave me the shot, and I was screaming like a person being possessed and getting an exorcist and trying to kick.
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That looks like it hurts.
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I love it. I do. It's very wonderful indeed.
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It's disturbingly beautiful ♡~♡
AWWWW!!!! I love this idea of them having a brotherly loveGIF Gravity Falls - AAAH THE JOURNALS!!!! 
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Oh god man I love this 👍👍👍👍
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You were looking for it? XD
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i deeply want the long ass story
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I deeply want to share that long ass story and I swear if I was a little better in writing in english I would make a fanfic out of it ugh
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Ugh problems.... hope your English gets better!😁
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I don't think I'll ever be confident enough with it to actually write a fanfic
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