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Blending Tutorial too much vr not enough .promo.
Teasing (Jean X Reader)
Today was going to be different. Jean always teased you anytime and anywhere possible, almost to the point where you felt like you'd explode. It was about time you did a bit of teasing of your own. You smirked to yourself at the thought, and grabbed a loaf of bread. You saw your friends sitting at their usual table, an empty seat beside Jean which was always left for you ever since your relationship was known among them. You smiled casually as you set your tray down beside Jean, but instead of sitting down in your usual spot, you dat directly on his lap. "Woah, what's gotten into you? You usually don't like showing affection in public." Jean
RT: Jean x Reader: Morning Kisses
The morning sun had just peeked over the horizon, sending scattered rays of light across the sky and through the windows of the dormitories where you and Jean still lay in bed. The latter had just woken up, his eyes fluttering open to reveal the lightening room. The old wardrobe, the empty bunk opposite his bed, and the window which sourced the the light that had just begun to manifest. He didn't notice these details, too focused instead on your form beside him, wrapped safely in the covers of the sheets and blankets. Your hair made a sort of halo around your head, eyes closed peacefully in blissful sleep. Soft breaths poured from your lips,
Wicked Game {Yandere!Jean x Reader} (Com)
"(Y/n)..." The sound of the voice, so full of malice, echoing through the abandoned house made your body begin to convulse in fear. You slapped a hand to cover your mouth. You were shaking in terror and your eyes were crying rivers of frightened tears, but you could not afford to scream. "Come on, (y/n). It's time to plaaaaaayyy..." You could hear him sing your name, laughing as he did. The beating sound of footsteps on ground began to intensify. He was getting closer to your hiding spot. No! He couldn't! If he found you... You couldn't bear to think what he would do. Images flashed before your eyes. The bloody face of Eren, silent and dead.
a new home. | jean kirschtein
| i guess there's a little bit of AU in the fic. | [ i. ] To Jean, the world was already a cruel place. It got even more so when it decided to take the people he dearly loves and cherish, one by one. It had taken away his only best friend. It grieved him more to not able to see his best friend's death, nor was he beside him in his last moments. He didn’t know how he died and the image of his face will haunt him for the rest of his life. If people say that getting struck by a lightning is bad, this was worse than that, when knowing that there was no one he could share his laughter anymore. Not too long after, his Mother was taken awa
{ t o r n | reiner x reader }
| A/N: A very angsty Reiner drabble. | | word count: 389 | *** It all happened so fast. You were afraid, confused...hurt. He pulled you in for a kiss, his lips feeling soft and full of need as his large hands rested on both side of your face. He pulled away slightly resting his forehead onto yours. Looking into your eyes made him hurt causing a few tears to escape his eyes. "Forgive me..." He whispered. You looked at him with confusion. His hands traveled from your cheeks to your neck. Engulfing your most sensitive area with his hands. Your once lively (color) orbs that seemed to always be filled with curiosity and joy were now filled w
Lasertag (Jean X Reader) AU
~A/N: Based off of a prompt I read on tumblr, but cannot currently find the link to, so idea credit not from me!~     "Do we really have to do this?"     "Yes!"     "But why?"     You stopped in your tracks and turned to gaze up at the boy's hand you were holding as you tugged him along. His expression resembled one of a pouting toddler as he pouted his lips and furrowed his brows, slumping his shoulders as he trudged behind you. "Because we haven't hung out with our squad in a long time, and this was the only thing that Eren could do that was destructive but not too destructive."     "Yeah but we're all going to dinner tonight anyw
Boy's Shower Room ||Jean X Reader||
"Okay (y/n), your turn." You turned to the voice coming from one of your female comrades, Ymir. You turned your body to face her, waiting for her to ask you a question. Most of your female comrades, Sasha, Krista, Ymir, Mikasa, even Hanji, all gathered in one room for a game of truth or dare. Or what Sasha likes to call it, 'Girl Bonding'. "Truth or Dare?" Ymir asked. You thought for a moment, but decided to take a chance and choose dare. Everyone whistled and clapped their hands. "This isn't going to end well." Mikasa whispered into your ear. You gulped, knowing what you did. "Ymir, please be nice to (y/n)." Krista pleaded. Ymir sighed, a
Bully (JeanxReader) | AoT Yandere Anthology
WARNING: This is a Yandere!Fic and there are dark/Yandere themes in this chapter. This is purely fiction, but please bear that in mind. Thank you. “Haven't you showered? You're starting to smell.” I've been training hard for the past two hours out under the baking sun. What do you expect? Besides, you didn't even smell at all. Yes, you were sweaty. But there was nothing particularly unpleasant about it. Hell, it was sort of like a badge of honor in this place. Proof that you'd worked yourself to the bone for the sake of the Survey Corps. Jean was just saying that because he was Jean, and Jean was a Class A dickhead to you approx
[burritooru.] oikawa tooru
a/n: I WILL NEVER MISS OUT ON MY SON'S BIRTHDAY ur two days late eri go eat poo Oikawa finds it funny how you could sleep practically anywhere. It was like you always had an imaginary neck pillow to snuggle against, and he bets all his money that its filled with the down of some rare duck that eats silkworms for dinner because there's no way he could have left barely five minutes earlier to find you sleeping like a log. He made the mistake of leaving his phone in his room after coming home, so when his obnoxious (you think it's obnoxious, but clearly he doesn't) ringtone blares through your home mid-cuddle session, the call had taken him wh

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